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Great Ways to Decorate your Disney MagicBand

Great Ways to Decorate your Disney MagicBand

If you are a Disney World Annual Passholder or staying at Disney World resort you are going to get some magical mail before your trip. As long as you log in and customize your MagicBand colors you will be receiving them in the mail prior to your trip. The basic ones are pretty plain and generic but they are also a fantastic blank slate for your imagination to run wild. Here are some great ways to decorate your Disney MagicBand.

Nail Polish 

Yup! Any old nail polish will do! So dig in your cabinet in your bathroom and go to town adding your very own custom designs to your MagicBand. If you want to add lots of detail I would opt for some nail polish pens like these on Amazon. You could keep it simple with dots like Minnie Mouse or you could adorn your band with dozens of mini Mickey’s.

If you want a glitter band grabs some glitter nail polish and apply a couple of coats to your band. It’s a quick and easy way to add some sparkle!


Great Ways to Decorate your Disney MagicBand 1

Andy’s Toys MagicBand Decal 2.0. Magical Monograms

I have also seen some tutorials online where they use decorative duck tape to decorate their band. If you have a Cricut you could easily cut out your own decals. If not there are thousands of options on Etsy and some of them are dirt cheap. The one above is from a super cute store called Magical Monograms.

Temporary Tattoos

Believe it or not, temporary tattoos can be applied to your MagicBand in the exact same fashion as you would to your skin. There are hundreds of Disney temporary tattoo designs to choose from. If you find it hard to commit to one design this option actually allows you to change up the design of the band again. Simple use some nail polish remover to take off the first temporary tattoo and then apply your new one!


If you are like me the philosophy is you never have enough bling in your life. So why not encrust your MagicBand in glittering gemstones. All it takes is some crafting adhesive and rhinestones. Warning this can be a long tedious process but the result is well worth it.

Bows and Ribbon

Tinkerbell Magicband Bow

Neverland Collection Tinkerbell pom-pom inspired Walt Disney World’s Magic Band Bow. $5

Why not add a little bow to your MagicBand? If you are talented with ribbon you can make your own. If you are like me and just could never get the whole bow making thing down then you should head over to Etsy. I love the Mouse On Main Street store.

Buy a Decorated MagicBand from

Disney sells their own custom designed MagicBands. They actually print the design straight onto the band. They have dozens of options that you get before your trip, at If you want something highly customized Disney World actually has a few stores where you can design and print your unique MagicBand.

There is a MagicBand on Demand station inside the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. location near Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park. There is also one in the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs Marketplace.

Disney MagicBand Designs Disney MagicBand Designs

Hopefully, the suggestions above inspire you to do some crafting before your trip to Walt Disney World. We would love to see pictures of your way to decorate your Disney MagicBand. If you want to know more about Magicbands read our guide that covers how they work and how to use them during your Disney vacation.