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Our Favorite Disneyland Snacks

Our Favorite Disneyland Snacks

Snacking is an essential part of any Disney trip and Disneyland is loaded with lots of amazing options. If you are looking to stay on budget sometimes snacks can be the way to go. Splitting a quick service meal and each having a snack later can be delicious and save you cash! Here are just a few of our favorites from our last trip in no particular order.

Garlic Cheesy Pretzel Bread

Pretzel bread is always good on its own but heat it up and add in some butter along with melty cheese and you have a must get snack at Disneyland. This cheesy goodness can be found at Maurice’s Treats a snack cart that’s to the left of Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland.

Looking to jazz it up, grab some of your favorite meat skewers at Bengal Barbecue and stuff inside your pretzel bread for the perfect lunch on the go.

Dole Whip

Our Favorite Disneyland Snacks 4

While not a Disney exclusive item a Dole Whip is iconic. Plus for my allergy folks, it’s gluten and dairy-free and is actually delicious. While I love the pineapple flavor I also love being able to try out the other flavors like strawberry, mango, and more! If you want more flavor choices head over to the Tropical Hideaway next to the Jungle Cruise.

Mickey Gingerbread

Our Favorite Disneyland Snacks 5

This treat is exclusive to the winter holiday season at Disneyland and it’s a hard one to be able to buy. These Mickey cookies are so soft and gingerbread perfection. The gingerbread flavor isn’t too overpowering, I loved this cookie!

If you want to get this cookie I recommend putting in a mobile order for it at the Jolly Holiday Bakery right when it opens up at 7 am. The mobile order does sell out and it also quickly jumps to late in-the-day pickup times. So even when you are putting in an order at 7 am your pickup time could be for 2 pm that day. If you miss out on your chances at Jolly Holiday Bakery for the day head over to the lobby at the Grand Californian hotel, they put a small batch out for sale every afternoon.

Baymax Loaf of Bread

Our Favorite Disneyland Snacks 6

California Adventure has this hidden gem tucked away in the San Fransokyo Square area. Here you will find a sourdough bread cart that has bread with all sorts of fun Disney shapes, like this Baymax version above. This bread is the perfect sidekick to ordering one of the bread bowl options over at Aunt Cass Café.

Ronto Wrap

Our Favorite Disneyland Snacks 7

Star Wars fans will already know about this Ronto Wrap! Above is a picture of the breakfast version but both this and the lunchtime version are fantastic.

Chocolate Fudge Sundae

Our Favorite Disneyland Snacks 8

If ice cream doesn’t normally agree with you I have to tell you about this non-dairy hot fudge sundae from Ghirardelli that’s a 12/10! It’s a coconut based ice cream that’s so creamy and delicious and the fudge just makes this whole thing, even my husband loves this and he can eat regular dairy no issues.