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How to Take Epic Disney Resort Photos

How to Take Epic Disney Resort Photos

Disney World resorts are my favorite part of Disney, hands down. As I’ve mentioned and will continue to mention, Disney resorts are pure magic and are where some of my most favorite memories are held. In addition to being where top memories are made, Disney resorts are also where some of my favorite photos of my boys have been taken. My all-time favorite photo of my boys was taken as they entered Coronado Springs, our favorite of the resorts. I’ve been asked a few times how I am able to capture such epic images of them at the resorts and today I’m sharing my momma photo taking tips. It would be fair to mention I’ve taken a handful of epic in park photos of my boys as well, but being that the resorts have a special place in my heart the photos do too. 

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Top Tips on How to Take Epic Disney Resort Photos 

  • True candid moments. Candids are my favorite! When we stayed at Art of Animation my boys loved looking out the window to see the characters from our themed section of the resort. Not in the photo is the chairs and stools they pulled over to the window themselves to get an even better view. I mean how darn adorable is that!? They waved at people walking by, made lion roar noises, and did this photo-worthy moment multiple times during our stay. Nothing beats a candid moment of true Disney excitement. Disney resort views and decor offer amazing backdrops for every candid moment so be sure to take a few steps back to capture the kids candidly with a picture perfect background in place. 
  • Don’t skip the iconic shots. Several of the Disney resorts have well-known areas to take photos and some of these areas are so known people stop by just for the photo opportunity even when not staying on property. The Mickey ears you can sit in at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is one of those iconic shots I suggest not skipping. At Disney’s Wilderness Lodge I enjoy photos by the fireplace and at Coronado Springs the pool is truly an amazing backdrop for all types of photos. There are several popular areas at Disney Resorts to snap photos and don’t skip them just because they seem too basic. Some of the iconic resort shots are my favorite. 
  • Entering the Disney Resort. Hands down my most favorite photo are my boys entering our family resort with their tiny backpacks on. The image says so much to me and I can’t get enough of it. When we enter any Disney resort I walk with the kids (of course) until it’s time to actually enter the main doors and then I rush a few steps backward to snap a photo of them entering their vacation. Most resorts have a greeter and when my boys say hello to the resort greeter that also offers a great opportunity to get an “entering the Resort” image. 

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  • Pool Splashes. I have a camera card filled with adorable pool splashes from splash pads when the kids were little. As well as, current photos of my 4 years old going down the slide and making his own little splash as he enters the pool. The thing that sets everyday pool splashes apart from Disney Resort pool splashes is that Disney excitement level. We’ve attended pool parties, swam at family members pools, and enjoyed local splash pads but the smile on my toddler’s faces at Disney Resort pools is unmatchable. Each Disney Resort pool is themed according to the hotel and offers SO many unique images of your toddler splashing during vacation. I suggest rotating parents in the pool with the kids so that someone is able to take a few moments to snap photos. Many times both parents are in the pool or an additional family member too. Step out of the pool to snap some candid Disney pool splashing fun then jump back in for the fun. 
  • Family photo session. My kids are used to mom having her camera or cell phone out to snap photos all the time. However, they don’t always love taking family photos. We’ve worked with a photographer multiple times to take family photos at the resorts and they are hands down some of my favorite family photos. We let the kids play and truly aim for candid photos even when working with a photographer. The last time we were at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort I played with the kids in the hub like grass area and asked them for big hugs while Dad snapped away. Family photos don’t have to be taken by Disney approved photographers (but they are great), they just need to happen naturally and in a fun manner even with nothing but an iPhone. Don’t force family photos without letting the toddlers run around and take breaks. Those running around and taking break moments are some of my favorite Disney Resort images! 

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Have you taken some awesome Disney resort photos with your family before? We want you to share with us! Leave a comment below or share with us on social and tag us in the picture!