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FREE Printable Disney Vacation Planner for 2022

FREE Printable Disney Vacation Planner for 2022

Have an upcoming vacation to Disney in 2022? It can be hard to keep everything straight, so that makes a printable Disney vacation planner a must. You have hotel confirmation numbers, dining reservations, a plan for which parks to go to, etc. Whenever I have a big trip to plan I am always sure to layout the master vacation plan so nothing important gets missed. There is so much to do at Disney World that it is impossible to accomplish everything the resort has to offer in one trip. So I created a FREE MEGA Disney Vacation Planner to help you keep your next Disney vacation organized.

Disney Daily Vacation Daily Planner Breakdown

This planner is designed for Disney vacations. You have space to plan out your morning, afternoon, and evening for each day at the parks! There is a spot to add to your dining location and also a place to put the theme park you plan to be at for each section of the day. Below you can list out your Disney must-dos! This is for those magical moments and pictures you want to make sure you don’t forget about. On the bottom right you can fill out your must-do rides or use it to write down your scheduled Fastpass times, just in case the app stops working or your phone battery dies while in the park.

Plus this printable doesn’t just stop at your daily planner it also includes a budget planner, road trip planner, packing list, and so much more! 38 pages in all this is a huge planner for an insane discount of FREE!


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Why a Disney World Vacation Planner is Important

Bottom line is that planning out your vacation at Disney World will reduce stress and help you relax more on your trip. Since Disney World is so large and has so many options it can make it too overwhelming without a plan. If you have been before you know that inside each park are many rides, shows, restaurants, and experiences.

I am not saying you have to have every bathroom break planned out. However, if you use the planner above it would be best to outline your parks and the highlights of the day. This will give you an idea of where to head and what path to go on while touring around the park.

What’s New at Disney World in 2022

Another reason that planners are helpful for Disney World vacations, Disney changes every single year. Did you know that Fastpass is a thing of the past and now there is a paid option called Disney Genie+? Yeah, that was a big change-up for 2021. In 2022, you are going to want to keep your eye on MagicBands because an all-new MagicBand+ will be making a debut as well. Plus 2022 is an entire of celebration the Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary.

What do you do when planning out your vacation to Disney World? Do you use a planner or would you much rather wing it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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