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Liberty Tree Tavern Review

Liberty Tree Tavern Review

Liberty Tree Tavern is a sit-down dining location at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Found in the heart of Liberty Square it’s no surprise that this restaurant takes on an American colonial theme. Eating here means you are in for a meal of comfort food. This restaurant is well-loved most notably for their Toffee Cake dessert. Let’s take a look at our full Liberty Tree Tavern dining review.

Liberty Tree Tavern Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Table Service
  • Type of Food: All American
  • Price: $$
  • Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Table Service Credit
  • Discounts: Annual Passholder, Tables in Wonderland
  • Good For: Thanksgiving Meal, Comfort Food, Big Families
  • Menu: Official Disney Menu


A Tour Around Liberty Tree Tavern

A look at Liberty Tree Tavern at the Magic Kingdom.

Stepping inside this spot reminds me of school field trips of years past to Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. Growing up in New England had its perks I guess! The check-in area was bustling as we had a reservation shortly after it opened for lunch. We enjoyed the adorable muppet show outside of Hall of Presidents first which I highly recommend.

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 22

I look at the oven from the back kitchen. Just kidding this giant fireplace is right by the main seating area in the front. Though if we were really headed back to the colonials days this is probably where dinner would be cooked.

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 23

The walls and corners of this restaurant are packed with details. Take some time when here and walk around the restaurant. There is a both an upstairs and downstairs to Liberty Tree Tavern. Just check out that picture of Benjamin Franklin on the wall.

Dishes from Liberty Tree Tavern

Here is a look at the dishes we tried from our lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. You can get all you can eat platter at lunch or dinner. However, the al carte items are only available at lunch.

Patriot’s Platter

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 24

First comes out the bread and the salad. Bread was very fresh and soft, definitely reminiscent of the rolls you find on your Thanksgiving table. The dressing was a sweet vinaigrette.

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 25

This is a look at the platter it comes with Roasted Turkey Breast, Pot Roast, and Oven-roasted Pork with Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Herb Stuffing, and House-made Macaroni and Cheese! If you read my other reviews you know we are not ones who enjoy spicy food. The oven roasted pork was a hard pass as the sauce was a little too hot for my taste. 

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 26

I probably like mac and cheese a little too much but this was an A ++ in my book. It was more of the Velveeta style Mac and Cheese but it was flavorful and not bland. I will pause to say that the menu calls out it is a homemade cheese so while I compare to fake cheese it isn’t.

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 27

If you are a gravy person fear not, even though it was just a platter for one this is a look at the giant amazing gravy boat I got with my meal.

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 28

Not going to lie, I was shocked my husband picked this. He wasn’t feeling very hungry so he went with their burger which quite frankly is your basic Disney burger. It comes topped with bacon, Cheddar Cheese, tomato, and lettuce served with fresh fruit or Tavern Fries.

Liberty Tree Tavern Review 29

Do not be fooled this is the best part of the whole meal. At first, I was just like meh I don’t like toffee but boy was I wrong! So what is packed in this pan? The dessert is a vanilla cake with gooey toffee filling, caramel sauce, and piled high with vanilla ice cream. While I still think the Bread Pudding at Ohana is my favorite this toffee cake really gave it a run for its money.

Remember if you opt to go with the all you care to eat platter you can ask for seconds of whatever you like! Including that ooey gooey toffee cake!

Liberty Tree Tavern Review Recommendation

If you are a comfort food lover like myself this is the perfect restaurant to add to your list. If you love everything about Thanksgiving dinner you just can’t go wrong with Liberty Tree Tavern.

Have you eaten at Liberty Tree Tavern before? Leave your Liberty Tree Tavern dining review in the comment section below. For more dining recommendations read, Magic Kingdom Dining Ranked Best to Worst.