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Best Pin Trading Spots at Disney World

Best Pin Trading Spots at Disney World

Pin trading has been a Disney staple for years now. You could easily say it’s the most popular merchandise collectible in all of Walt Disney World. You will see locations all over the parks and cast members with lanyards of pins ready to trade with guests! Here are the best pin trading spots at Disney World.

Frontier Trading Post

This is one of the biggest pin trading spots of all. You can find it in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. We also love their unique displays used for pin trading here like the washboard and cowboy hat. Plus if you are looking to buy pins this store has one of the best selections on Disney property.

Disney Pin Traders

Disney Pin Traders, Disney Springs

Head on over to Disney Springs for the motherload of pin stores! This spot is at the top of many traders list because of the huge pin board this store features. Bad news, it’s not always open for trading so you have to hit it at the right time.

Pin Central

This spot can be found at EPCOT, between Spaceship Earth and the Fountain, you can’t miss it!


Best Pin Trading Spots at Disney World 1

Pin Strollers

This one can be found at all four Disney World theme park locations, just head to the stroller rental area. You most likely will have to ask a cast member to view the pin stroller. We find they leave it atthe back most of the time unless someone else just happens to be viewing pins on the stroller when we walk by. Tip – head over after the morning rush so you have more time trading and less time waiting!

The Pin Drum

Pin Drum at Rock n Roller Coaster

Pin Drum at Rock n Roller Coaster – Hollywood Studios

After riding Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, ask the cast members at the photo purchase area to see the pin drum.


If you’re a collector as we are of Vinylmation pins then this is where you need to stop the next time you are at Disney Springs. All they have in this shop for trading are Vinyl pins!

Resort Pin Boards

Every Disney World resort, of course, will have pins! If you are looking for the pin board it can usually be found in the resort gift shops. Be warned that they are only brought out at certain times, so ask a cast member what time they will be trading that day. Unfortunately, there is usually a limit of one pin trade per person on these boards instead of the normal 2 trades per person. This must be due to all the unique and great finds they have at the resorts.

Cast Members

You’ll find pin lanyards on all types of Cast Members throughout the parks. Merchandise Cast Members wear lanyards the most regularly, but you’ll spot custodial and attractions Cast Members with them as well.

Some Pin Trading Tips

If you are just starting out we recommend saving yourself some money and picking up a starter pack off eBay or Amazon. Here you can find pins for under $1 which you will never find in the park. If you are shopping at the parks individual pin prices start at $8.99 and just go up from there.

There are so many places to trade pins around Walt Disney World and of course, this list doesn’t include them all. It’s just our favorite go tos when trading. What are some of your favorite locations to trade pins? Be sure to share your experiences in the comments below!

Best pin trading spots at Disney World

Tracy Smith

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Pin trading can be a lot of fun but unfortunately most of the time all you will find on Cast lanyards & resort pin boards are scrappers.


Friday 2nd of March 2018

Please don't recommend people get their trader pins on Amazon. The truth is that most of the pins on Amazon and Ebay are scrapper pins. Or pins that are not made by Disney. These pins are inferior. It makes people trade good true pins for bad pins. I would recommend they get on a Pin Trading Group on Facebook. There are great people on there that have authentic pins for $2 or more.


Monday 10th of September 2018

I would agree with you Crystal. Lots of amazon and ebay pins are fakes and scrappers when they can get good pins via Facebook for very cheap!