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Frustrating Experiences at Disney World

Frustrating Experiences at Disney World

I say so many amazing things about my favorite place to visit but believe it or not there can be some frustrating experiences at Disney World. We are going to cover what these can be and how you can avoid them or prepare yourself if they happen to you.

Rides Closed for Refurbishment

Safety is key to Disney and this is why they do have to periodically close attractions for maintenance. Before you book your trip check Disney’s refurbishment schedule and make sure you don’t see your favorite ride closed! There never is any guarantees but it’s always best to try to prepare yourself.


I cannot tell you how many people that I see in the parks, especially in February and March, with bad sunburns. Many people underestimate the power of the Florida sun or think that they will tan. I can’t imagine anything worse than getting burnt at the beginning of my vacation, use more sunscreen than you think you need. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Bad Weather

Let’s face it it’s pretty hot most of the year here in Florida. So you are going to want to prepare yourself for how to stay cool while your here. It’s possible even in the summer to do Disney, thousands each year flock here and enjoy their vacations. Also, with all that Florida heat comes a side of rain showers. Good news rain clears out the parks, bad news you get wet. But fear not! We also have tips on preparing yourself for those rainy Disney World days.

Under Planning your Trip

Not a planner, like a spontaneous vacation? If you are at Disney World during a busy time, not booking dining reservations and Fastpasses may mean that you either don’t get to eat at the restaurant that you want or you will be eating a lot of quick service meals. At least take the time to plan some reservations, you may cancel them at least 24 hours in advance if you decide to change your plans. As far as fastpasses are concerned, make the 3 for each day, so that you have something to fall back on. The MyDisney Experience App makes it easy to do.

Late Buses

On your vacation, no one wants to hang around and wait for anything. Buses are scheduled to run 20 minutes apart, which means worst case you have to wait 20 minutes. However, just like everywhere else, things happen and sometimes buses can get held up. When busses are late it can cause a delay in plans, especially dining reservations or missing your Fastpasses. Late buses also cause a lot of frustration and can make everyone a bit cranky so be prepared and have patience. Good news is Disney is extremely understanding in these situations and will most likely be able to accommodate you in anything you are late for. For more bus information read Everything You Need to Know About the Disney World Bus System.

Long Lines

In recent years I feel as though Disney World has been at its busiest all year-long. Occasionally, we catch a quiet day here in the parks but you should expect to have to wait in line at Disney World. If you want to avoid lines at all costs try some of our tips on how to do so. Also, picking the right time of year is key to avoiding crowds, see the best dates we recommend visiting.

Having a Bad Meal

People rave about the food at Disney World and it sets your expectations so high for what’s to come. While we have had our fair share of outstanding meals at Disney, California Grill, and Yachtsmen Steakhouse to name a couple, there have also been the ones that have fallen flat. If this happens to you don’t feel bad telling your waiter. My husband ordered a dish that was way too spicy and he couldn’t eat it, our waitress was quick to offer to bring out something completely different off of the menu. If it’s necessary you can also speak to a manager and let them know what happened. Disney service goes above and beyond and they will try to work something out with you.

Camera Dying

Have those pictures from your family vacation is high on many’s priority list. Our foolproof way of making sure we always have a camera at the ready is bringing backup battery banks. We can use these to charge our phones and DSLR camera as long as we bring the charging cables. For long park days extra batteries are a must. Especially if you are using your phone as a camera. Your phone will be out a ton checking wait times, Fastpasses and dinner reservations.

Not Being Able to See Your Favorite Character

Meeting a character at Disney World is a high priority for many, which is why the lines can get crazy long. If meeting a popular character is high on your list try to get a Fastpass+ to meet them if it’s available or make that the first thing you do when arriving at the park. Also, prepare yourself that there are times when a cast member has to kindly let you know that the line is closed because the character is leaving. Want to meet with a bunch of characters? Read how I met with over 15 characters in one day!

Have Something Lost or Stolen

When you travel you carry expensive electronics, cash, credit cards, making you the perfect target for thieves. As magical as Disney World is they are not free from bad things happening. Recently in the news, there have been a couple of reported stroller thieves at Disney World caught and arrested. It’s a good idea to be aware of where your stuff is and of course in the case above to never leave any of your valuables unattended in a stroller.

If you happen to lose something at Disney, your MagicBand being a common one, be sure to report this to a cast member. There is a lost and found system and odds are good your item can be returned to you.

Impolite People

Some put a lot of stress on themselves during their vacation. This is a recipe for disaster and makes for a grumpy parkgoer. Don’t be surprised if you come across people who shove, skip lines, talk during shows, and are just plain rude. It’s hard, trust me I get it, but try your hardest to bite your tongue and just continue to enjoy your vacation. If it’s a bad situation inform a cast member of the situation and they can handle it from there.

Forgetting Something

Packing for your trip is important to make sure you make a list and check it twice! Important documents like a passport or your prescription medication are somethings you don’t want to forget. Let me tell you, trying to get your persription called in to a local pharmacy and then getting transportation to said pharmacy is no fun task. If you would like you can also download our FREE packing list for Disney World.


Remember a lot of your trip is what you make of it. If you encounter any of these bumps in the road try to stay positive and work to a solution. Disney cast members will do their best to help you have the most magical trip possible. For more awesome information on planning your Disney World vacation join our private Facebook group and get your Disney vacation planning questions answered today! Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notifications when we upload new Disney World content.


frustrating experiences at disney world