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How to Meet Over 15 Disney Characters in One Day!

How to Meet Over 15 Disney Characters in One Day!

Meeting over 15 characters in one day at Disney World has to be one of my favorite memories at the parks. Two of my friends and I were on a quest to get all the limited time magic holiday signature cards. In order to get all the cards, we needed to visit every meet and greet location at the Magic Kingdom. We woke up at the crack of dawn as I like to call it, others may just say rope drop or park open. Ahead of our trip, we pre-planned with an excel sheet of all the characters we needed to stop in and see as well as what times the characters were out until. Some characters like The Fairy Godmother are only out in the morning so you need to make sure you don’t push her off too long. So I want to take you on my journey with tips on how to meet Disney characters at the Magic Kingdom.

The Character Meet and Greet Route

1. Merida

First stop was to my fellow red-head, Disney friend over in Fairytale Gardens in Fantasyland! Merida’s line got long FAST and we headed straight there as soon as we were able to get into the park. Fun Fact: This a character you can only meet at the Magic Kingdom. If you do miss Merida you can always catch her and other characters from Brave in the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Fastpass+: No.

Merida Meet and Greet

2. Fairy Godmother

This character is tucked away behind the castle, we lucked out as she had almost no line whatsoever! Fastpass+: No.


Fairy Godmother Meet and Greet

3. The Stepsisters and Lady Tremaine

This by far was the best meet and greet of the day. You can find them located by the castle wall behind the Prince Charming Carousel. These ladies love to have fun and are allowed to be, well their crazy obnoxious selves. Despite a long line, they took their time with us and had some fun. Fun Fact:  If you are in a group of people and ask for a photo alone, they will get upset and all walk off so you can have a photo of just you.  Fastpass+: No.


4. Peter Pan and Wendy

These two used to be tucked away over by their attraction with this fabulous mural backdrop. However, today you will find this whole thing is a queue line and they had to be moved a bit off to the side. We were so excited to find that it was such a cold day we got to catch Wendy in her winter costume! Fun Fact: You can only meet and greet with Peter Pan at the Magic Kingdom so be sure not to miss this one. Fastpass+ Available: No.

Peter Pan and Wendy Meet and Greet

Peter Pan and Wendy Meet and Greet

5. Ariel

More redheads! Everyone thinks we are so rare too! Not when you adventure under the sea to see Ariel. Ahead of time, we were able to score a Fastpass+  for this location which made waiting in line a breeze or the bubbles as Sebastian would say. Fastpass+ Available: Yes.


6. Goofy & Friends

Don’t be afraid to get goofy with Goofy! Have fun when you meet characters, in this picture I took a cue from Goofy and decided to make my own floppy ears. Here Goofy appears as a daring stuntman The Great Goofini. Not shown in the same line you will also meet Donald as The Amazing Donaldo. Fastpass+ Available: No.


Goofy Meet and Greet at Storybook Circus

 7. Duffy the Disney Bear

This guy was a special one for the Christmas season at the Magic Kingdom. Duffy can normally be found at Epcot but is set to retire October 2016. So hurry on over to Epcot before October if you want to meet him in person! Fastpass+ Available: No.


Christmas Duffy Meet and Greet

8. Mickey Mouse

Ever wanted to have a chat with the one and only Mickey Mouse? Now in Town Square theater you can. This experience lets you drop on in backstage to Mickey’s rehearsal room. Nothing is more magical, whether child or adult, than getting to chat with Mickey. On this day we got to help Mickey practice one of his magic tricks for his show! Fastpass+ Available: Yes.


Talking Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet

9. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins was another special treat because this is a special Mary Poppins outfit. You will only find Ms. Poppins dressed like this on chilly days, which a rare here in Florida. Fastpass+ Available: No.


Mary Poppins Meet and Greet

10. Stitch

Stitch decided to grab my ear for this picture! Watch out because before we could walk away I also got licked by him!  Always up to trouble you never know what to expect from Stitch. Fastpass+ Available: No.


Stitch Meet and Greet in Tomorrowland

11. Gaston

This is another wonderful meet and greet and he can be found outside Gaston’s Tavern. Gaston is bold and says just what is on his mind. He appreciates lots of compliments and if you like you can even challenge him to an arm-wrestling match! Fastpass+ Available: No.


Gaston Meet and Greet Fantasyland

12. Tinkerbell and Friends

This was our longest wait, 45 minutes! But on the plus side, there are 3 fairies to meet once inside! These dashing ladies are now found inside Town Square Theater at the very front of Magic Kingdom. Fastpass+ Available: Yes.


Tinkerbell and friends meet and greet.

13. Cinderella

If you have a little girl who just loves princess Princess Fairytale hall is the place to be! Cinderella and a random visiting princess can be found here. As well next door today you can find Anna and Elsa, everyone’s favorite these days. Fastpass+ Available: Yes.


Cinderella Meet and Greet Fantasyland

14. Snow White

Fastpass+ Available: Yes.


Snow white meet and greet in Fantasyland.

15. Rapunzel

Can you tell I got sick of smiling? It’s hard to keep princess poses 24/7, clearly, I need to get some tips from these gals! Fastpass+ Available: Yes.


Rapunzel meet and greet in Fantasyland.

Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about this day and all the walking we accomplished (character meet and greets are an excellent source of exercise). We were able to meet Disney characters, every one that well needed, all in one day. So I haven’t ventured any marathon character meet and greets since, but I think that may have to change soon. What is the most amount of meet and greets you have been able to get to in one day? Has anyone had any magical character moments in the park?

Meeting over 15 characters in one day at Disney World has to be one of my favorite memories at the parks. Learn how you can do the same on your next trip to Disney World.

Meeting over 15 characters in one day at Disney World has to be one of my favorite memories at the parks. Learn how you can do the same on your next trip to Disney World.