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Disney Problems and How to Fix Them

Disney Problems and How to Fix Them

Murphy’s Law can follow anyone anywhere right? Well even at the most magical place on Earth stuff happens. So we are covering for you Disney problems and how to fix them.

Unexpected Attraction Closures

Sometimes things happen and a ride has to close unexpectedly. However never let a scheduled closure take you by surprise! Always check the refurbishment schedule before you to make sure your must dos are open.

Car Low on Gasoline

Ther are three different Speedway gas stations on Disney property for you to fill up at. Worried about price gouging? No need if you are on Disney property. Disney was nice enough to enforce a rule so the gas stations can only mark up the gas a certain percentage. This keeps gas costs on par with reasonable prices in the area. There have been a few times where gas is actually cheaper at Disney compared to the station by my house.

There is a gas station on the way out of leaving the Magic Kingdom. You will also find a Speedway across from Disney Springs. Lastly, there is one over by the Boardwalk hotel, across from Hollywood Studios.

Lost Item

Believe it or not, Disney has a whole department dedicated to lost and found and a complicated system to go along with it. Hundreds of thousands of items go missing and get collected every year by Disney cast members. If you happen to lose an item, it will take a long journey from its original drop point. It’s also important to note that depending on where you lose your item, where it will end up may differ.

For all the important details read What to Do if you Lose Something at Disney World.

Blister and Sore Feet

A full park day can equate out up to twelve miles. Odds are your feet are going to be used to that much walking every single day. Be on high alert for blisters! Wearing the right shoes is the first step but also I recommend bringing some bandages just in case. When you are in pain it’s a good idea to stop then and address the problems. If you don’t you could turn your problem into a much bigger one. There is a first aid center at every park that is always happy to help you out.

Rainy Days

Disney Problems and How to Fix Them 2

Believe it or not, this can actually be good news. A rainy park day is often not very crowded. So check the weather before you go and if rain is in your forecast be sure to pack for it. If you are traveling to Disney World in the summer, rain is a given so pack accordingly.

I recommend bringing a poncho and umbrella you just never know what conditions you are going to have to put up with. Also, never buy these important supplies from Disney since they overcharge like crazy. For more recommendations read Singing in the Rain! How To Do Disney World in the Rain.

Medical Issues

It’s our worst nightmare, right? Getting sick on your vacation is what everyone wants to avoid. That’s why we recommend bringing along some hand sanitizer and taking your vitamins. Everywhere from the airport to the theme parks are a breeding zone for germs, so be aware and don’t ignore the importance of washing those hands! So despite your best efforts to avoid getting sick you or a family member gets sick on your trip. Let’s be honest you can get sick at any time, anywhere.

Disney has you covered from in theme park medical care to close by urgent care centers. For all the details on how to use these, should you need them, read What to do if you Get Sick at Disney World.

What Disney problems have you encountered on your Disney World vacation? Share them in the comments below.