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Challenge Yourself to a Disney World Scavenger Hunt!

Challenge Yourself to a Disney World Scavenger Hunt!

Finally, a Disney Scavenger Hunt for adults! Created by a former Cast Memberthe Disney World Scavenger Hunt exposes plenty of Disney World “secrets” & Cast Member insider tips, and of course, showers you in Magical Pixie Dust. What’s Magical Pixie Dust, you ask? Well, you’ll find out in one of your challenges in the Disney World Scavenger Hunt!

Big Disney World Scavenger Hunt

With 250 points at stake and 75 challenges designed to help you discover and experience Disney World like you never have before, this game will bring a whole new level of fun (and friendly competition – or unnecessarily aggressive competition, in our case) to your next Disney World trip.

Be warned, though: this isn’t just any Disney World Scavenger Hunt. It’s not meant to be easy: you’re not playing a glorified game of I-Spy here. This Disney World Scavenger Hunt is for extremely competitive, extremely extra game-loving Disneygoers who want a challenge. It’s for the kind of people who treat finding Hidden Mickeys as a competition. The kind of people who will scheme against their own flesh and blood, their own beloved friends and family, just to get an edge up and CRUSH THEM. After all, all’s fair in love and Disney…

Challenge Yourself to a Disney World Scavenger Hunt! 1

FAQ’s on the Disney World Scavenger Hunt

  • Is the scavenger hunt family-friendly? The Scavenger Hunt is family friendly in the sense that the challenges are all perfectly PG. I would suggest an age range of maybe 7+ for most of these challenges based on difficulty. That said, adults definitely have the upper hand, because there are a few 21+ challenges that essentially just involve ordering a fancy drink. However, the game is meant to be played in teams, so if you’ve got a balance of kids and adults on a team, your skillsets can be used collaboratively! It’s the total number of points that your team is able to score that matters.
  • What’s with the overly aggressive competitive thing? My husband and I like to joke that we’re the kind of people who turn everything into a competition, from who ordered the best meal at a restaurant to who gets to wear the comfy sweatpants. We’re even overly competitive when we’re on the same team! And we LOVE a good game – the more strategy we can put into it, the better. When it comes to the Disney Scavenger Hunts, we like to imagine a group of friends or a family forming teams, coming up with ridiculous Team names and maybe some silly hand signals, and getting really competitive about the game. To us, the competition raises the stakes and makes the game more fun and exciting – but the prize is up to you, of course! You could, of course, also choose to play the game without teams.
  • How did you create these? I can tell you that a LOT of on-the-ground research went into these Scavenger Hunts. This is not a “sourced by Google” kind of game. My husband and I went to the Disney Parks, found and tested different secrets, and figured out ways to word them that provided context and hints without giving too much away. We also had to test the answer keys for accuracy. Lots of Cast Members were consulted in the making of this Scavenger Hunt.
  • How current are these? The Disney World Scavenger Hunt is current as of last year. The hunt does not include Pandora or Toy Story Land.
Challenge Yourself to a Disney World Scavenger Hunt! 2

Free Park Specific Scavenger Hunts

If you are looking for a free option here are a few that we created for you to try out! Each will send you on a quest of 20 things to find in each of the Disney World theme parks.


Monday 10th of June 2019

Would this work if you’re only going to Magic Kingdom?

Patty Staricha

Monday 10th of June 2019

Nope! They include all 4 WDW parks : )

Kris Harper

Saturday 11th of May 2019

I’ll be going in November 2019, is this scavenger hunt still valid?

Patty Staricha

Saturday 11th of May 2019

Yes, absolutely!

Sunday 16th of December 2018

Yes it does!

Danielle Mcgeough

Saturday 15th of December 2018

Does this hunt cover all 4 Disney Orlando parks?