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Boma Flavors of Africa

Boma Flavors of Africa

Boma is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World. You will want to come hungry to Boma as it’s all you care to eat buffet. There are so many options it’s hard to fit them all in plus they are so delicious you will want to go back for seconds. Oh and not to skip too far ahead but can we just say unlimited Zebra Domes. We will say that Boma is perfect for the adventurous eaters while we have enjoyed classic stapes like strip steak and turkey, the majority of offerings are less than traditional. This isn’t to say it’s bad, it’s well worth a try. Even my husband who can be a picky eater ventured to try the Oxtail Soup and loved it! So let’s dive right into our Boma dining review.

Boma Quick Breakdown

  • Service: Table Service
  • Type of Food: Buffet
  • Price: $$$
  • Location: Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Credit
  • Discounts: Tables in Wonderland, Annual Passholder
  • Features: African Cuisine
  • Good For: Casual Dining, Large Parties, Vegetarians
  • Noise Level: Loud
  • Menu: Official Disney Menu

A Tour Around Boma

Boma actually is located below the main lobby. So if you haven’t been to the Animal Kingdom Lodge before you may be a little confused on where to find it. When you enter head right after the gift shop. You can take stair or the elevation down to the next level. It’s on the same level as the pool and right across from Jiko.

Boma Flavors of Africa 20

If you choose the stair route you are actually going to get a peek into the restaurant on your way down. Boma is open air up to the lobby and main areas of the hotel. While the top of the restaurant is draped in beautiful tapestries it still is a pretty loud spot to come eat. Though if you go during an offseason to Disney World then you may have a not so noisy experience as we did on this trip.

Boma Flavors of Africa 21

It’s a good thing that this restaurant is so big because it’s so popular. The buffet spans the whole side of Boma and has an almost overwhelming amount of options to choose from. If you are wondering just what does Boma mean, it’s the word for a stick fence. Which there is beautiful details of all around the restaurant you can even spot them in the picture above.

Buffet Menu at Boma

Once you are seated at Boma it’s a pretty traditional buffet experience. First, the waiter will come by and get your drink order which, a soft drink is included in your cost. Then you will get sent off to fill up on the buffet items when you are ready.

Across the buffet you will find dishes from all across the continent of Africa. We even noticed a few American options that slipped in (though that was mainly reserved for the kids section).

Boma Salad Buffet Section

They have a salad bar section where you can grab some lettuce and top with your favorite toppings.  Normally I don’t get too excited over Disney salad at a buffet. However, Boma has homemade dressings compared to the often used Ken’s lineup of dressing that Disney typically offers.

Boma bread on buffet

It’s hard not to fill up on this section of the buffet. For bread, you have your classic dinner rolls, pita, cornbread. I recommend skipping the butter and going straight for the hummus options. I was skeptical with the hummus at first since it seemed way thicker than the grocery store kind and was an interesting combo. However as unusual as the combos seemed to me the taste was perfection. Just remember not to eat up too much of that cornbread you won’t be able to have room for the meat!

Boma Flavors of Africa 22

The buffet at Boma also includes a sample of fresh fruit. It’s a great option for anyone who may be a picky eater in your party. It’s pretty hard to not like fruit right?

Boma soup

Before we jump into the main courses we can’t forget to tell you about the amazing soup selection. I seriously would have been okay with a soup buffet here at Boma and nothing else. They had a rice station to the left of here I got a small bowl of rice and pour my soup selection on top…. yum!

Okay not going to lie just talking about all this amazing food has me scouting out open reservations at Boma. I had the chicken corn chowder which was so hard to not go up and get a second bowl but I had to try more new things instead. My husband loved trying for the first time ever Oxtail soup.

Boma Strip Steak

Steak lovers will be happy to see that there is a rotating meat option of a strip steak roast on the menu. It’s was cooked medium and packed with lots of flavors.

Boma Salmon

If you are a fish lover you will like this salmon on the buffet lineup. On the right is a great pairing of sweet and white mashed potato.

Boma Flavors of Africa 23

Veggies are aplenty here at Boma. Here you have Zulu cabbage, asparagus, and collard greens. I only ventured for the asparagus but it was super fresh and perfectly cooked so it still had a slight crunch.

Kids Selection at Boma

Boma Flavors of Africa 24

There is a corner of kids options on the buffet that includes the normal findings at a Disney buffet. There is mini corn dog nuggets, mac and cheese, pasta and marinara as well as some peas and carrots not pictured above.

Boma Dessert Options

Boma Flavors of Africa 25

This is the most popular corner of the buffet! It’s the end where you can grab as many Zebra Domes as you would like to eat. There are a few other tasty desserts here too, it isn’t just Zebra Domes. The treat on the left above is a blast of espresso and a great treat for coffee lovers.

Boma Flavors of Africa 26

In the dessert section, you will also find mini cupcakes, brownie bites, cookies and more!

Boma Recommendation

We love that Boma is a change up from the typical Disney World buffet. More often than not buffets at Disney World are paired with a character experience. That is not the case at Boma it is all about the food and good food at that. We were just floored by the seemingly endless options of starters, soups, main courses, and desserts. We didn’t even have time to cover them all above! I highly recommend taking a glance over Disney’s official Boma menu linked at the top of this article.

Even though we mark Boma as a perfect fit for adventurous eaters we like that they balanced the selection with some solid basics that even picky eaters will enjoy. With the popularity of Boma, you will want to make sure you secure a reservation in advance as last minute reservations can be hard to come by.

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