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20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World

There’s no better place to honor and celebrate your most treasured family members than the most Magical Place on Earth. Here are 20 fun mom-approved activities to do for Mother’s Day in Walt Disney World.

20. Mimosa Flights

Mimosas are the unofficial drink of Mother’s Day. The sweet concoction of orange juice and champagne can be found throughout Walt Disney World. One of our favorite Mimosa Flights can be found at Whispering Canyon. For $15 you get a flight of 4 mimosas: Classic Orange, POG (passion fruit, orange, and guava), blackberry, and blood orange.

19. Brunch

Reward mom for waking up early on Mother’s Day to rope drop with a delicious mid-morning brunch. You can book brunch at any restaurant that serves breakfast. If you book between 10:30 and 11:30, you may even get both lunch and breakfast options. There’s just some naughty joy that comes from enjoying lunch entrees with hash browns or pancakes with french fries.

18. Book a Massage

Mom works hard! We bet she’s even the one responsible for booking and planning your Disney Vacation! Have your family take a resort day and hang by the pool while you send mom out to one of Walt Disney World’s award winning spas for a relaxing massage. There are a number of resorts on Disney property that have their own full-service health spa such as, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Yacht Club, Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and The Grand Floridian. Click here to see the full list of Disney World’s spa and health clubs.

17. Get a Nanny

There is no written rule that you have to spend every waking second with your family on vacation. In fact, your family will likely have a better trip if the kids get to take a little break from the parks.

Disney World no longer offers Kid’s Club services, however, they do endorse a company, Kid’s Nite Out, that makes it so parents can have some time to themselves. All nannies have background checks, CPR training, and often some form of Early Childhood Education backgrounds. These nannies come to your resort with bags of toys, crafts, and games to match the ages of your children so you can run off and have some stress-free time.

Take advantage of this service to do things in Disney that maybe you had to pass on because of your kids. Maybe it was the thrill rides, or something fun like drinking around the world in EPCOT. With Kid’s Nite Out, the world is your oyster.

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16. Buy Her a Loungefly

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World 2

Listen fellas… Every, and I mean every woman looks at those Loungefly bags with longing in their eyes. A lot of us are just too practical to ever buy ourselves an $80 bag… Here’s where you come in.

There are Loungefly bags for almost every Disney movie or character ever made. They can be purchased through Box Lunch or even Hot Topic. If you want to make this Mother’s Day trip extra special, you could buy her one of the current in park Loungefly bags with matching ears. That would get you brownie points that would last until at least Christmas!

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15. VIP Tour

Rope bridge Wild Africa Trek

Mom is the VIP of your family, treat her to a VIP tour of her favorite place! Not all Disney World tours cost as much as a car. You can find behind the scene VIP tours for as little as $35! Whether she’s into Disney history, animals, food, or gardening, you’re sure to find a tour that she will love!

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14. Sleep In

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World 3

There’s a lot to be said about some extra sleep. It seems that no matter how old the children get, mom never gets quite enough sleep. Take this Mother’s Day to sleep in and instead of rope dropping the parks for low wait times, purchase an After Hours ticket instead!

There are after hours events on select nights for Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. From the hours of 9:00 – 12:00 you can enjoy almost no lines for rides and eat as many free Mickey Premium Bars and popcorn as you can eat!

Imagine having Mom write out a list of all of her must-do rides and she can basically just walk onto all of them without waiting!

The best part is that an After Hours ticket can get you into the park as early as 7:00 PM, so you can still enjoy the nighttime entertainment.

13. Resort Day

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World 4

Take a day off! Walt Disney World resorts are filled with all types of entertainment. Each resort has at least one pool, some even have interactive play pool areas for the kids. Grab a cocktail at the poolside bar and let Dad take care of the children while you sunbathe and sip something with an umbrella.

If you don’t want to stay at the pool you should consider one of the 2 mini gold areas in Walt Disney World, or even a day at Disney Springs.

12. Dinner and a Movie

Classics are a classic for a reason. There is a full dine-in movie theater in Disney Springs showing the latest movies. This theater has classic concession stand options, but also offers a full menu to enjoy in the theater! You’re in Disney World. Treat yo self!

This isn’t like a normal movie theater – This theater also has a full liquor license so you can enjoy fancy cocktails with your popcorn and meal.

11. Fancy Dinner, But Not Too Fancy

AAA Canadian Tenderloin
AAA Canadian Tenderloin, Mushroom Risotto, Asparagus-Tomato Relish, Truffle-Butter Sauce

Did you know that Disney World has more than 100 dining locations throughout the property? You should also know that not all of them are filled with characters and hamburgers. In fact, you can over a dozen “nice”, “fancy” restaurants. How fancy is too fancy for you is the real question. There are signature dining restaurants that have a strict dress code and age limit like Victoria and Albert’s, and then there are fancy restaurants where you are welcome to bring your kids and your best Minnie Ear headband, like Le Cellier.

Whatever you choose, be sure to make your dining reservations in advance. Mother’s Day will be a very busy day for table service restaurants in Disney, so book as early as possible. Dining reservations can be made 60 days in advance, and open at 6:00 AM EST.

10. Capture Your Moment

All moms want pictures of their kids and families together. But do you know what always happens? Mom is never in any of the vacation photos because she’s the one taking them. You can book a Disney PhotoPass Photographer to take your family’s photos anywhere in the parks.

You might be shocked to know that this service is less expensive than the typical photographers found on Facebook. Plus, if you purchased Memory Maker, these photos will be included with your free downloads.

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9. Manis & Pedis

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World 5

Dress up those fingers and toes with some classic manicures and pedicures. The Grand Floridian Spa has a fully operational salon with every type of manicure and pedicure possible. Want to make it extra special? Ask for Minnie or Mickey inspired nails!

To make it even more fun, make it a family affair! There are mani/pedi packages for both children and adults, and they are more reasonable than you would think! Disney World is expensive and that is no secret, but manicures start at just $35!

Momma’s feet are probably pretty sore from walking upwards of 10 miles per day in the parks. Help her feel refreshed with a little pampering.

8. Live Entertainment

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World 6

Disney World is not your average theme park. They are known for Broadway-level performances and stage shows, but did you also know that Disney World plays host to concert series as well? EPCOT often has various artists, bands, and cover bands playing in the American Adventure Amphitheater during one of their many festivals, but we have also seen small punk rock shows in the UK gardens and the Canadian pavilion.

A lesser-known spot is the House of Blues in Disney Springs. We were shocked when we checked out the line up of their free concert series. Fall of 2022 they hosted both Less Than Jake and Bowling For Soup… 2004 called and they said, “Rock on!”.

7. Fireworks Packages

Fireworks make everything special, but when you’re surrounded with over 10,000 of your closest friends, you may not have the best view. Walt Disney World offers dessert parties and dinner packages so that way you have a great view of the fireworks, plus a full tummy.

There are parties to view the nighttime spectacular in Magic Kingdom, the show in EPCOT, and one in Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic.

6. Buy Her Jewelry

Did you completely forget Mother’s Day and now you are searching for some place to buy a nice diamond pendant or a new charm for her Pandora bracelet? Never fear! There are jewelry stores in Walt Disney World.

There are more than 5 jewelry stores in Disney Springs and even a Pandora charm store in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! You can find classic jewelry or even a beautiful Disney themed piece.

5. Take Her To Paris

Has the mom in your life always dreamed of going to Paris and sipping coffee near the Eiffel Tower? You can do that in Disney World without ever leaving the country!

You can take Mom over to the France pavilion in the World Showcase over in EPCOT to visit the boulangerie (the bakery), sip wine, eat ice cream, and just stroll the gardens within view of the Disney version of the Eiffel Tower.  C’est magnifique!

4. Disney Makeover

Adult Disney World Makeovers
(Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Bibbity Bobbity Boutique may just be for little girls 3-12 years old, but Mom doesn’t have to be left out of the Disney Princess makeover fun! You can book a Disney character-inspired makeover at the spa at The Grand Floridian. Book a hair-do, make up session, or both! Bring the Cast Members the character that you want to emulate and let them work their magic.

3. Try Something New

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World 7

Throughout the year Walt Disney World offers fun short classes to let guests learn something new. You can try mixology classes at The Edison, sangria classes at Coronado Springs, Ink and Paint during an EPCOT festival, or even cake decorating at Amorette’s Patisserie.

Offerings change throughout the year and are an additional cost.

2. Send Flowers

20 Perfect Ways to Spend Mother’s Day at Disney World 8

Just because you’re in Walt Disney World doesn’t mean that you can’t continue the tradition of flowers for Mom on Mother’s Day! Disney Floral & Gifts is a full-service florist shop available to those staying at a Walt Disney World Resort. You can choose from simple, classic arrangements to more elaborate character-inspired bouquets. Don’t forget the balloon and stuffies add-ons!

Surprise Mom by ordering a bouquet to be in your hotel room when you get back from the parks.

1.   Wear the Matching Shirts

Mom is always the person in the family looking to make core memories and have fun doing it. Sometimes your mom is quirky and weird, but she always means well. Moms work harder than anyone else and she really doesn’t ask for much.

We bet your mom has planned a set of family shirts. This Mother’s Day, don’t be difficult. No fussin’ about the shirt, whether it’s the color or you just feel silly. Today is not the day for that. It’s her day. Let Momma know you love her by happily wearing the family set of shirts and do all the dorky fun things. We bet it would absolutely make her day.

Would you spend a holiday in Walt Disney World?