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What to Wear to Disney World in January

What to Wear to Disney World in January

Hi Friends! I am back at it again with another, “what do I wear on my Walt Disney World vacation” post, but this time we are talking about January! I think these posts are so fun to write because Florida weather is very humorous. One day you could be sweating like you just ran a half marathon, and the next you could be absolutely freezing! This is no different for a trip in January, making it a little tricky for non-Florida natives to know what to pack and wear during their trip! But, have no fear, I am here to ease the stress!

Historical Stats on Disney World Weather in January

Something to keep in mind before any trip is the average temperatures during that time of the year. The average high in Orlando during January is 71 degrees, with the average low being 47 degrees. Keep in mind that we can get the average by having a week of the high temperature being 60 degrees and a different week of the high temperature being 80 degrees, which has been happening this year.  Depending on what week your vacation is, you can get vastly different experiences or a week with a little bit of every temperature! The amount of rain during January is usually about 10 days out the month.

Top Tips on What To Wear To Disney World in January

1. Expect the Unexpected

I will probably mention this in every post regarding what to wear during your trip, but it will remain true throughout the entire year! The Florida weather is unpredictable, you should pack with the expectation that the weather will be different each day you are here. It is best to keep checking the 10 day weather forecast before you leave home, so you have an idea what to expect. This also means, bring rain gear! Umbrellas and ponchos are great and are easy to stow away in a bag. Just be sure to purchase them before heading to the parks so you can avoid a hefty cost.

2. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Typically (I say typically very carefully because we all know it very well could be warm enough to wear sandals one day) in January, the weather will be too chilly to wear sandals. I would suggest bringing worn-in sneakers. I specifically recommend worn-in shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking and will want to avoid unnecessary aches and pains. I think sneakers are just a safe bet in January because it is mostly chilly, especially in the morning and evening. If you want more shoe tips, read The Best Shoes to Wear at Walt Disney World.

3. Layer Up

The average daytime temperature in Orlando in January is in the 70s, but will sometimes rise to the 80s. At night, Orlando cools down quickly making the average temperature around the 40s or 50s. So you are most definitely going to want layers throughout the day. This could be a t-shirt under a jacket or even an extra jacket/layer for the chilly evenings. It may get warmer throughout the day, but it will most likely not last long. I would highly suggest at least having a sweater in your park bag every day.

4. Headwear

I think this one varies from person to person. Just depending on if you are a hat wearer or not. However, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to pack a comfy beanie. I know this complicates wearing your collection of Minnie Mouse ears but some days just do get that chilly! Also, don’t underestimate the Florida sun, a hat will help protect you from sunburn.

There is nothing worse than walking around the parks with freezing cold ears because the wind is blowing. I think keeping your head warm significantly helps to keep your whole body warm as well!

5. Fuzzy Blankets

This may not be something you will technically “wear” but I promise, you will want it at night. Especially if you are watching any outdoor nighttime shows. If you have the room in your park bag, I would highly suggest bringing one. Nighttime is pretty chilly and it feels even colder when you are sitting outside waiting for a show to start.

What to Skip Packing for January at Disney World

I think it is probably safe to say that you can skip out on packing any swimwear for your trip in January. Unless you are planning on taking a trip to the hot tub (which you very well could do at some of the resorts). While the pools are heated at Disney World Resorts, I hardly see anyone swim in the resort pools during January. If you have some fish with you though the water will be warm… the air will not be!

You could also probably skip out on packing shorts. With the daytime highs in January typically in the 70s, I think everyone would be comfortable in jeans or some other long pants every day of the trip. And for those “warmer” afternoons, a t-shirt would be perfect with pants, you won’t be hot or cold, but just right!

I really hope this helped give you some insight on what to wear or bring during your trip to Walt Disney World in January! Just remember to check the forecast before you jump on a plane to MCO! You never know when the unexpected January heat wave or frost is going to roll through. This will narrow down your selections for this difficult month!

As long as you prepare for as many weather situations as possible, I think you and your family will be all set to have a magical, and hopefully warm, vacation. Florida is so unpredictable, but it is not unbearable. Layers will be your best friend! Or, just pack a fuzzy blanket and ditch the jackets all together! For more January planning tips read Disney World in January.