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Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today

Today we are talking Minnie Mouse Ears, because what’s Disney Style without Ears? This is a favorite topic of mine because these are an accessory I cannot live without! Want to know what Minnie Ears you can snag in the parks today to complete your epic Disney Bound? Then I invite you to read on so you can put your best fashion foot, or ears, forward!

Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 19


Aaahhh, the iconic Rose Gold Ears. This pair was probably the most sought out pair of all time. When I say these Ears were FLYING off the shelves every time they were restocked, I mean they barely even made it to the shelf. Luckily, these days you can purchase them just about anywhere at any time.

Millennial Pink Mouse Ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 20

Probably the next most famous pair of Ears, right after the Rose Gold, is the Millennial Pink pair. This pair is just the perfect shade of pink to complete any pastel fantasy, and I mean who doesn’t dream of dripping in pastel while roaming the parks? Totally normal, right?!

Minnie Mouse Rainbow Ears

Rainbow Minnie Mouse Ears

The great thing about these Rainbow Mouse Ears is not only do they make me feel an overwhelming amount of joy just while looking at them, but they will also match practically any Disney Bound you can think of. It’s a no brainer if you ask me!

Classic Minnie Ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 21

Who doesn’t love a Classic Minnie Mouse look, and what better to “top” the whole thing off than with these traditional Minnie Ears!

Variations of Classic Minnie Ears

Minnie Mouse sequin ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 22

If you want the classic Minnie Mouse look, but with a little more “unf”, check out these other variations of the Classic Minnie Ears!

Maleficent Mouse Ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 23

I love the Disney Villain’s, and what better Villain to have on a pair of ears then Maleficent. These Ears are not only great for Halloween but also acceptable to wear to the parks year round!

Iridescent Minnie Ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 24

Look how unique these Iridescent Minnie Ears are. The bow on them is unlike any other bow I have seen before. Instead of being a sequin bow, like most pairs, the ears themselves are sequin with an Iridescent, almost foam like, bow to match. Beautiful and fashionable!

Minnie Mouse Timeless Ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 25

Are you in love with Steamboat Mickey times? Then these Timeless Minnie Mouse Ears are just for you!

Birthday Mouse Ears

Official Minnie Ears you Can Buy Today 26

Did someone say cake? Celebrate your birthday in style with these fun Mouse Ears that have a cupcake in the middle that looks delicious enough to eat!

2018 Minnie Ears

2018 Minnie Mouse Ears

2018 may be coming to an end soon, but what better way to remember your trip to WDW than with these 2018 Minnie Ears?! Featuring icons from all over the parks! We can’t wait to see what they cook up for the 2019 ears!

I can’t think of a better way to complete a Disney Bound than with a pair of Minnie Ears! I hope this post gave you some inspiration for an iconic Disney look for your next trip! You can find these Ears, and others, in the parks or on the ShopDisney website!

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