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What the New Disney World Ticket Pricing Changes Mean

What the New Disney World Ticket Pricing Changes Mean

Just this week Disney announced that they were going to be changing how they charge for tickets at Disney World. You may remember a while back now they changed to seasonal pricing for one-day park tickets, well now the multi-day tickets have changed. The new seasonal pricing on multi-day tickets will start on October 16th, 2018.

Who this Disney Ticket Change Effects

Single Day Ticket Changes

If you buy a one-day ticket, you’ll be choosing the exact day you want to use it, and it’ll be priced for that specific day. It won’t be valid any other day.

Multi-Day Ticket Changes

If you buy a multiple day ticket, it will be priced based on the first day (start day) of your trip and it will only be valid for the number of days you purchased plus a variable amount of extra days.

Prior to this change, your ticket used to be good for 14 days from the first day you used it. So this days to use window is shortening. The good news is the more days you purchase the longer your use window will be. Adding on the water park option to your ticket also gives you extra days to use your tickets.

Annual Passholder Changes

For the time being Disney World Annual Passholders can breathe easy. Nothing has changed with these tickets as of yet.

Common Ticket Price Change Questions

Can I still get Disney tickets from Authorized Discount Sellers?

Yes! Tickets will still be available and offer a discounted rate. We expect the savings will be about the same as it is now. For more on saving money on tickets read, Discount Disney World Tickets.

Should I wait to buy Disney World ticket until after the change?

It depends. While we have heard that some low traffic days at Disney World will decrease from the current price, high traffic days are going to be more expensive. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you purchase your tickets before the change you will be able to use them at any time. Plus you will have an extended 14-day window after first use.

I already bought my tickets, does this affect me?

Nope! If you buy tickets BEFORE October 16th for a date after October 16th, your tickets and prices will not be affected. The policy is not retroactive.

How do I find out what each day will cost for a ticket?

The Disney World website will have an all-new interactive calendar for buying tickets. This new calendar will show guests the highest and lowest ticket prices within a given month or longer timeframe.

Will I be able to upgrade my ticket?

Yes, you will have the option to add a flexible start date! Additionally, the standard add-ons of park hopper and water parks are still available.