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Discount Disney World Tickets

Discount Disney World Tickets

Disney World tickets are probably going to be the second most expensive budget line item right after your hotel. So of course just like your hotel costs you are going to want to get the pricing down as much as possible. But can you really find any discounts on Disney World Tickets? Yes! Of course you can. While the savings aren’t going to be drastic every little bit helps when you are on a budget. So here are some tips on getting discount Disney World tickets.

Authorized Disney Ticket Sellers with Discounts

The savings from an authorized Disney World ticket reseller can range anywhere from $4 to $60 per ticket. Below are a few different online discount retailers that we recommend. Park Savers is running a sale on a variety of Disney world ticketsBest of Orlando is offering Disney World Base Ticket: Buy 4 Days & get 5th Day Free!Discount Disney World Tickets 1 Undercover Tourist is offering discounted Disney World TicketsDiscount Disney World Tickets 2 as well!

Discount Disney World Ticket Sellers to Avoid

It’s always a good idea to be skeptical of anyone trying to sell you discounted Disney World tickets. There are a few authorized dealers out there that are legit but there are a lot of places that are not so ethical. The places you see on the side of the road off of 192 are a scam. It’s also a safe bet to stay far away from anyone trying to sell you their tickets on eBay or Craigslist.

So why do I warn you to stay far away from those non authorized dealers? Typically these people are buying the unused days off of real Disney World tickets. Then they turn around and resell them as if they were brand new (aka you would have the full 14 days from activation to use them). They normally reveal themselves when they insist you give them the exact days you plan on using your ticket.

Other Disney World Ticket Discounts

Florida Residents

If you are a Florida resident, meaning you have a Florida drivers license, you are eligible for a discount on just about every type of ticket.

Disney Vacation Club

Members get a discount on Disney World annual pass tickets.

Military Discount

Active duty and retired military along with, Department of Defense employees, some civil service employees and dependents of these groups can buy multi day Disney World tickets for a 9%-10% discount. If you are in the military or DOD you can purchase the tickets at Morale, Welfare and Recreation office. Civil service employees should contact their personal office for more information and to see if they qualify.

Convention Attendees

If you are attending a convention in the Orlando area odds are there are some specials they are offering on Disney World tickets. Just ask the convention organizers for more information.


If you are a AAA member and purchase your tickets through them they have historically offered at 5% discount on select passes.

Gift Cards to Get Discounted Disney World Tickets

There are also some great gift cards hacks out there to save an extra 5% or more on Disney World tickets. So here are the steps to max out your savings using gift cards!

  1. First head on over to to buy up some discounted Target gift cards. This is a legit way to buy gift cards from others at a discount, they are verified and any purchase comes with a one year money back guarantee!
  2. Then head over to Target and get either a Target Redcard Debit or a Target Redcard Credit. This will allow you to get 5% back on all your purchase you make at Target.
  3. Now you can buy Disney gift cards in the amount you need from!
  4. Then head on over to and purchase your tickets straight from Disney.

You can also do this same process with if you are a club member. The problem is it’s a lot harder to find BJ’s gift cards at so that’s why we recommend sticking with Target.

Where to find discounted Disney World tickets. Also important information on how to spot Disney ticket scams!!





Monday 30th of October 2017

The best way to save money is through the disney chase credit card with a referral. You will get $0 annual fee by and a $200 gift card in your mail which can be used to buy tickets. I've done alot of research and found this is where you can save a bulk of your ticket price.