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4 Ways to Transform Your MagicBand into a Watch or Necklace

4 Ways to Transform Your MagicBand into a Watch or Necklace

Heading for a day in the theme parks at Disney World can cause some serious arm clutter. I know I have my Apple Watch and then my MagicBand which leaves me oh so little room for my favorite bracelets. I was so sick of all the clutter so I set off to put my husband’s 3D computer graphic’s degree to use! Now you can buy one of these fantastic puck holders that will hold the MagicBand 2 puck and then you can wear it. Presto! You just were able to turn your MagicBand 2 into a necklace. It’s a Magicband watch holder!

Not to mention on the hot days down in Florida, which is most of them, this proves to be one less item getting all sweaty. Surprisingly I don’t even notice the puck is there. It’s not irritating or too bulky!

Magicband Watch Holder Options

If watches are more your thing then don’t miss this beauty! There are so many different colors to choose from I have a hard time picking! If you are a glitter fan, there is a line of sparkly color options. We have been wearing in the parks and never once has it been a bother, which is surprising since Apple’s Sport Watchband will bug me at times.

It still scans with zero issues! Plus it comes in multiple styles so you can pick what works best for your style! We have a plain version, one with ears and one with ears and a bow! The flexible base allows you to easily move your puck from one holder to another. Also, if you are a frequent Disney visitor, I’m sure that like me, you have multiple magic bands, so you can use all of your active pucks to create lots of different looks.

Customizable Ear Bow Holder

The adapter uses flexible plastic to create the puck holder so no need to worry about breaking it in the park. The sparkly bow is interchangeable so get a bow pack to add on and swap out bows to match your outfit! You can pick from lots of base color and bow colors to select a combination that best represents your favorite characters. Of course, there is the classic Mickey combination of black and red, but there is also white, gray, blue, teal, green, lime, purple, berry, red, glow in the dark green and just added – translucent! The bow colors cover the rainbow and include options that are both plain and glitter.

Apple Watch Magicband Ear Holder

Magicband Watch Adapter


Don’t need a bow to show off your Disney character? Choose from many colors, even glow in the dark! Some days you feel like a bow and other days you just don’t. Either move your puck or buy multiple holders for your different pucks and different moods.

Plain Holder

Magicband Watch Holder

If simple and classic is your style then this is the holder for you. The nice thing is this style comes in two size options. This is to accommodate the larger size watch bands for Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit and more. Just look at the description to see the sizing recommendations.

To find out more and shop head over to the Etsy store! If you have any questions or need help picking a product just reach out to the shop! Always fast to respond they even accommodate custom requests if possible!

Installation of Magicband Holder for Watch

When ordering note that you will need to purchase your Magicband 2 or the new MagicBand Plus separately from Disney to get the center puck. Then a screwdriver is necessary to remove your center puck inside your MagicBand 2. This will allow you to clip the puck into our holder. The flexible material will make it easy to install and remove.

Magicband Necklace

4 Ways to Transform Your MagicBand into a Watch or Necklace 1

If you just can’t stand anything on your wrist at all, there is a necklace version you can pop your center Magicband 2 puck inside. There are three versions of this. One is plain, one has ears and one has ears and a bow! Best of all there is a whole new feature on the bow model. You can actually swap out the bow yourself and change up the colors (additional bow colors are sold separately). The necklace also comes in three different lengths.

MagicBand Keychain

If a keychain is more your style that’s an option for holding your MagicBand too. You can get hard plastic holders straight from Disney. As well as Magicbands in flexible plastic keychains. For the new MagicBand plus there are these keychain holders from Etsy.

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Friday 21st of August 2020