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Top Tips for Disney World without Your Kids

Top Tips for Disney World without Your Kids

Disney with my two toddler boys is like nothing else. When I get to see the magic in their eyes and their love for the characters and every tiny detail it makes my heart grow 2 sizes. Seeing Disney through my kid’s eyes is a gift and I don’t take it for granted. It took a while for me to not feel guilty about enjoying Disney without them and now I truly enjoy Disney World without my kids multiple times a year. From birthdays to girls night out to date nights Disney is perfect for every adult occasion. While it isn’t easy for some parents to imagine Disney without their kids it’s fun and something to experience and view as a bit of a refresher of sorts. Here are a few of my top tips for Disney World without kids to help inspire you to get that adult day on the books with no guilt involved. 

Ride YOUR Favorite Rides

My kids dictate our Disney days and I don’t mind it one bit. We always ride their favorite rides (Toy Story Midway Mania and Pirates of the Caribbean) and I look forward to watching them light up on their favorite rides. My favorite rides are not their favorite rides, but occasionally we do get to ride some of my favorites all together and they are troopers about it.

On days without kids at Disney, you can ride your favorite ride over and over if you want! When I don’t have the kids I ride Soaring (they’re too small to ride it), Living with the Land (it bores them), Splash Mountain (they can’t ride yet), and Counsel of Progress (another classic I adore that they don’t enjoy). Don’t hold back and ride your favorites on repeat when you don’t have the littles. 

Don’t Rush

This is my number one rule for Disney with or without kids, but even more so without the kids! There’s no meltdowns, or emergency potty breaks, or overtired kids with you when you’re at the parks without the kids so relax and don’t rush anything. If it takes 25 minutes to get a coffee in that popular Starbucks line and then 40 minutes to wait to take a photo and then you spend 30 minutes deciding on what’s for lunch there’s no rush involved at all! Take your time. I’ve been to Disney without the kids and just hang with Disney friends and not even ride one ride. Let the conversations flow, don’t rush, and enjoy the views Disney graces us with. 

Stay up Late

Holiday Wishes Fireworks

Holiday Wishes Fireworks

It can be tough to push the kids past bedtime. When you’re at Disney without the kids stay up as late as you can. Disney after-hours events are ideal for adults only Disney nights! Consider closing down the Magic Kingdom to stay for the epic empty main street shot or close down Disney Springs at 2 am. This is the time to stay up as late as you want… I’m sure you’ll feel it the next morning when the kids come racing into the bedroom but it’s always worth it. 

Drink Around the World

Grapefruit Drink

I am not “strong” enough to drink around the world at Epcot, but when I Disney without kids I take on Epcot the best that I can. I could spend most of my time in Mexico at the tequila bar and then slowly migrate toward Germany. Try a few different drinks from all around the world and I bet you’ll find a new favorite. I thought that the blood orange margarita inside Mexico at La Cava was the best thing ever and then I tried the grapefruit beer in Germany and now there’s a tie. Spend a day sipping around each country and discovering new things. 

Day Date

It can be hard to fit in a date night and sometimes the hardest part is figuring out where to go. One of my favorite Disney without kids activities is day dates. Plan a weekend day (or play hooky from work) and take your time at the theme parks without the kids. Sit down for a nice lunch, ride your favorite rides, plan your next adventures, pull inspiration from your surroundings and chat about how it fits into your home life. Disney day dates are the best! 

Stay in that Long Line

One thing I don’t do with my kids is stand in very long lines. We are Fastpass pros and can run into the theme park complete 3-5 rides, eat lunch, and head back to the car within 4 hours. When I’m at Disney without the kids I don’t mind that 60+ minute wait in Pandora. I can chit chat with my company and take the time to look at every tiny detail Pandora has to offer because there’s a lot! If you see a sign for a long wait and have been wanting to ride that ride and you don’t have the kids, now is a perfect time. 

Have a Moms Day Out

If you asked me what my favorite thing about Disney is I might say moms day out with my Disney besties. I quickly discovered my Disney community and love them hard. With or without a tiny Disney moms community you can still plan an epic moms day out Disney trip! Get your best girls together and plan a day that the moms take the day off (is that possible?) and explore the theme parks. Take silly photos with the characters (you know, the photos that embarrass the kids), sip champagne, and spend an entire day focused on you because every mama deserves that. 

There are so many things to do at Disney World without the kids, but these are my top go-to’s. Now I’m craving another girls trip! My next Disney trip will be with my boys but it doesn’t take long for me to crave that alone time or Disney mama meet up time. My top tip is to not feel guilty about wanting equal parts Disney with and without the kids. Disney is for every age and we should honor that.