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Make Sure you Grab the Best Free Things at Disney

Make Sure you Grab the Best Free Things at Disney

Something I get asked often as an avid Disney World park goer is “do they have anything for free?”. There are so many Disney perks and we could chat about that over several blog posts covering several different specific Disney areas of topic. So the short answer is yes, there are free things at Disney. While you’re probably aware of the few basic free things at Disney I’m sure there are a few things that would surprise you too. Here are just a few of the best free things at Disney and where you can find them within the magic. 

Disney Buttons

I have a fantastic collection of Disney buttons from many of Disney World celebrations and it’s one of my most favorite Disney freebies. These buttons can be located in any merchandise shop at the check out counter at any Disney location or inside Town Square Exposition Hall as you enter the Magic Kingdom.

They have buttons for any type of celebration including Birthday, Anniversary, and the general I’m celebrating button. Each year my boys get buttons for their birthdays and I get us all one during our Run Disney events- running a Disney race is worth a button! If you’re celebrating a milestone, your first Disney vacation, a birthday, anniversary, or your 100th park visit there’s a Disney button waiting for you.

I also have to mention that the buttons can be customized in the Christmas Store in the Magic Kingdom or at Disney Springs with fancy writing for $3 per button if you choose. 

Park Maps

Make Sure you Grab the Best Free Things at Disney 14

My toddlers LOVE looking through the Disney maps at home. They get such a thrill out of pointing out the areas they know, the areas they want to visit during our next trip, and asking me questions like “mom, have we done that over there before?” as their tiny hands point to sections on the Disney park maps. Park maps are located at each theme park entrance and often times in cast members hands waiting for you as you wave your magic band to enter the park. These are simple common free Disney items but they can mean so much to so many people. 

Birthday Brownie Cake

Make Sure you Grab the Best Free Things at Disney 15

I can hear my oldest toddler saying YAY as I type out Birthday brownie cake from Disney World. These cute little brownie cakes with colorful sprinkles are located at all quick service locations throughout the parks. We’ve only had to actually ask for a birthday treat for our little ones once, every other time a cast member has noticed their birthday button and either taken them aside to give them the treat in a sweet special way or they let us parents know they put in on the tray to complete our order. Either way, the birthday brownie cakes are too cute and a must free Disney item that your littles will be thrilled about year after year. 

Disney Soap

Does it get any cuter than Disney soap? We have a bag filled with Disney soap at our house. I take some out occasionally to use at home because the boys just love seeing that soap. I’ve taken our Disney soap on other travels as well and it brings a little extra magic with you when you’re not staying on Disney property. The Disney soap will be in each resort room and you can reach out to the front desk for additional soaps throughout your stay and of course a few extras to take back home with you. 

Disney Resort Tours

This is one of my favorite free things to do at Disney! While I’ve stayed at many resorts I haven’t stayed at them all. They each have a unique theme and special tone set throughout the entire resort. The holidays are my favorite time to do little Disney Resort tours. Looking at all the unique themed Christmas decor at each resort is FREE and one of the most magical things Disney offers. I term it a resort tour but it’s a leisure walk through the resort lobby, pool, and resort shops and dining areas. Some resorts are available to see by monorail and the others are available by bus and parking. 

Monorail Rides

Make Sure you Grab the Best Free Things at Disney 16

Speaking of monorail resorts, monorail rides are a Disney staple! We’ve done what I call the monorail trail where we take time to stop at each monorail resort to enjoy a snack and walk before getting back on the monorail to end at the Magic Kingdom. The monorail is one of the best ways to see a lot of Disney property and of course The Contemporary Resort as well. The monorail runs through the Grand Floridian, The Polynesian, The Contemporary, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. That’s a lot of views to soak in! 

Movies Under the Stars

Make Sure you Grab the Best Free Things at Disney 17

When you stay at a Disney resort you receive a list of resort perks including pool parties, trivia game times, and the movie under the stars list. We partake in the movie under the stars show every time we stay on Disney property and we’ve even stumbled across one while strolling a resort in the evening and stayed to watch it! The resorts set up a movie viewing area and play a Disney movie nightly on property. One of my favorite experiences was watching some of The Nightmare Before Christmas during Halloween at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort. We’ve also watched holiday movies at Fort Wilderness and a few summer ones at the value resorts outside near the pool. It’s a free perk the kids and adults enjoy. The schedules for the movies are at each resort front desk and movies play nightly unless the weather says otherwise. 

There are so many free things at Disney but these might stay comfortable at the top of my best things for free at Disney list. What are a few of your favorite free things at Disney? Taking a stroll through Disney Springs, a boat ride to the Magic Kingdom and Fort Wilderness are also things on my best free things to do at Disney list. I could go on and on! While Disney isn’t considered cheap by any means, the free things Disney offers and perks are pretty darn fantastic.