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Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs

Sometimes you just have to let the good times roll!  From toddlers to the young at heart, Splitsville Luxury Lanes is the place for everyone to let loose and have fun!  My family and I ventured over for dinner and bowling Sunday night (first time)!! Let’s just say this will definitely NOT be our last time, and it will probably become one of our regular go-tos!!

Splitsville is located in Disney Springs, park in the Orange garage as it will take you right up to the restaurant. For reference, it’s right next door to the AMC.

It combines a modern bowling alley with a dining experience, offering guests a unique and enjoyable outing.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Splitsville Orlando is more than just a bowling alley; it also offers a full-service restaurant experience. The dining area is typically integrated with the bowling lanes, allowing guests to enjoy a meal right at their lanes or in a nearby restaurant section. The seating is often a mix of booths, tables, and high-top counters.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 1

Splitsville Orlando is primarily known for its state-of-the-art bowling lanes. The interior typically features a spacious and well-lit area with multiple lanes for bowling. The lanes are well-maintained and equipped with automatic scoring systems, making it easy for both experienced bowlers and beginners to enjoy their games.

Pricing for Splitsville Luxury Lanes Disney Springs

Did you know they offer not only (the usual) Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club discounts per bowling session but also provide a military discount as well for 10% off?! They have two different pricing models early bird and walk in (both two and under are FREE).  If you are a cast member, Splitsville has bowling and dining deals too!

Splitsville Disney Springs Pricing

Early bird is from 10 am M-F or 10:30 am S-S (open) to noon.  Nine and under are $10 which includes shoe rental. Adults pay only $14.  Early bird is a great way to spend a rainy morning.

Walk-in pricing for daytime M-F (12 – 4 pm) is $17 and evening M-F (4 pm-close) is $22.  On weekends from 12 pm-close is $22.

Bowling at Splitsville Disney Springs

Splitsville Disney Springs

How long you spend on the lane is based on how many people are in your group.  Our party size was four, so we were given one hour and fifteen minutes. Luckily, it was a slow night, so we got our lane right away (otherwise put your name down for first come first serve while you are dining).  

A cast member grabbed all our shoes and escorted us up the escalator to the second floor to lane 22. Don’t worry they have an elevator which my husband used to take the stroller! Did you know they have 30 lanes available?  

Splitsville Disney Springs

Littlest had a tiny tantrum about wearing said bowling shoes, but once she saw everyone was wearing them, it quickly passed (thank goodness).  This was her first time bowling EVER! She could only hold the bowling ball (seven pounder) and push it down the ramp assist. It looked like a weird form of preschool CrossFit, but she was happy!  We let her bowl whenever someone didn’t knock down all the pins, and it worked great. Got a lot of spares that way!

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 2
Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 3


Didn’t know it, but apparently, I’m still awesome at bowling haha! First time up, STRIKE! Then it was a slippery slope downhill… wah wahhh!  My son, on the other hand, turned into the spare king. Then my husband got a turkey (three strikes in a row)!! A few times are lane had issues like pins getting stuck, but maintenance came quickly (press the service button) and always made sure to add back our time.  Can’t forget about the tunes! Between turns, we were all dancing (or my son doing all the moves from Fortnite). The music they played was AWESOME from Boyz II Men to Ariana Grande!

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 4
Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 5


Dining at Disney Springs Splitsville

Splitsville Disney Springs Menu

I grew up bowling quite a bit, even had a bowling birthday party.  There’s not a lot to do in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin in the winter. The standard was adults got the pitcher of beer and kids just got greasy burgers and fries or sub-par pizza.  Never did I ever imagine ordering OUT OF THIS WORLD SUSHI at a bowling alley?! *MIND BLOWN*

Drinks at Splitsville

Looking over the specialty cocktail section on the back of the menu, I found two drinks that were calling my name – Raspberry Lavender and Watermelon Smash.  My husband sticking with his tried and true favorite ordered an old-fashioned. Talk about perfectly fit for sippin’ in the summer. My cocktails were scrumptious with a capital S!  Hubby loved his old fashion because after he got that turkey, he ordered a second to celebrate LOL!

Splitsville Disney Springs
(Raspberry Lavender)
Watermelon Smash Drink at Splitsville
(Watermelon Smash)
Old-Fashioned at Splitsville

Adult Dinner at Splitsville

Macho Nachos

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 6

Loaded with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar jack cheese, queso, black bean corn salsa, scallions, cilantro and drizzled with avocado ranch. Serves two or more! This is great when you have a big party and is absolutely delicious, their queso is so dang good here!

Grilled Avocado and Ahi Tuna

Sometimes, I can be a little “millennial” like my love for avocados.  With that being said, I HAD to try the Grilled Avocado and Ahi Tuna for $17.  A whole avocado is split in half, grilled, filled with Ahi tuna that’s been tossed in a kimchee ponzu sauce, and drizzled with spicy mayo which is accompanied by sushi rice and wonton chips.  OH EM GEEEEE! No joke, I could have eaten like 10 of those – SO GOOD!

Food at Splitsville

Spicy Tuna Roll

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 7

My husband likes it spicy, to say the least, and is also a lover of sushi.  Naturally, he ordered the spicy tuna and volcano roll. After his first bites of each, he tells me “ FINALLY SPICY SUSHI” with a fist pump in the air and a twinkle in his eye.  He didn’t even leave me a piece to try 🙁

Volcano Roll

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 8

Tempura shrimp rolled with avocado and cream cheese and topped with spicy krab mix, spicy mayo, and sriacha. 

Yum Yum Roll

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 9

Tempura shrimp and cream cheese topped with shrimp, avocado, scallions, our signature Yum Yum sauce, and a soy reduction. This roll was excellent very fresh and so tasty. It made me wish I just got sushi for dinner.

Taco Bowl

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 10

Seasoned ground beef, black bean-corn salsa and white rice topped with shredded lettuce, cheddar jack cheese and sour cream. Served in a crunchy tortilla shell. The image doesn’t show the size off as well but this bowl was giant.

Turkey Club Supreme

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 11

Another giant portion that easily could have been split. Shaved turkey, miso aïoli, chopped lettuce, tomato, bacon, and Muenster cheese garnished with a dill gherkin pickle and grape tomato. Served with fries.

Chicken Tenders

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Review Disney Springs 12

This is in the appetizer section but it’s a large portion and I have gotten it for dinner plenty of time and been more than full. Chicken tenderloins are hand-battered with our Parmesan breading then fried and served with ranch dressing. 

Kids Dinner at Splitsville

Off the starters, our son ordered the filet sliders (minus the horseradish cream).  I thought they’d be small because of sliders right?! Out came two HUGE beef tenderloin sliders each topped with two HUGE onion rings!  Yup, he was a happy camper!

filet sliders splitsville

Littlest has never been an eater, so she has a limited selection of what she will actually eat.  Pizza luckily is one of those things! This is no kids pizza. It’s a hefty size and great to share. I was happy she ate three slices all on her own – mom win!  Then we all scrounged up the last few slices – delicious!

Pizza at Splitsville

Dessert at Splitsville

Because our lane was having some issues (I mean we didn’t care we were having a blast), the shift leader comped us a free dessert. That was SO nice and really unexpected 🙂  Deciding on what would be best for us to share, I went the traditional route with the Super Sundae! Chocolate and vanilla ice cream scoops are topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate & caramel sauce and a cherry.  By the time I got back from a potty break with littlest, it was already half eaten (hence the picture LOL).

Sundae at Splitsville

Overall Thoughts on Splitsville

Outside Bar at Splitsville Disney Springs
Splitsville Disney Springs
Splitsville Disney Springs


Whether you’re making a dining reservation through my Disney experience, walking up to bowl or just wanting to hang out on the outside patio bar, you will NOT be disappointed.  We’ve been talking about doing Splitsville for months and finally did the whole “shebang”. Now we’re just upset we didn’t enjoy it sooner. We will be back A LOT for a whole lot of fun!  

To find out more and other locations for Splitsville Luxury Lanes check out Have you gotten lucky at Splitsville or tried the new one at Downtown Disney in LA?!  Post in the comments below! If you are looking for more things to do at Disney Springs read Unique Things to do at Disney Springs.