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Unique Things to do at Disney Springs

Unique Things to do at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a great part of Disney World and best of all it’s completely free to visit (even the parking). Disney Springs is a great way to pass the time on a non-ticket day at Disney World! Or if you are in Orlando and don’t want to splurge on the cost of theme park admission. Here is my list of unique things to do at Disney Springs.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

You are not going to the capture the pictures you can grab on this hot air balloon ride anywhere else. If you ride the Characters In Flight Balloon before 10:00 AM, each person rides for just $10.00. Did you know you can also book at wedding 400 feet in the air at Disney World? For more information and to get tickets check out the Characters in Flight website.

Amphicar Rides

Unique Things to do at Disney Springs 2

When the Boathouse opened over at Disney Springs a new experience emerged at Disney Springs. Amphicars drive on land and enter the water with a splash! For a fee, you can take a 20-minute tour of the landmarks of Disney Springs and make some really special memories.

Lego Store

Lego Store build zone.

Lego Store outdoor build zone.

The Lego Store isn’t just a stop to buy some Legos. There are numerous fantastic, large-scale Lego builds that make the perfect picture opportunity. Just on the outside of the Lego Store is the real gem of this place. They have large stations like the one pictured above where you can use your imagination and play with Legos. In the center, they even host some Lego car races!

Design the Perfect Treat

Goofy's Candy Co.

Goofy’s Candy Co.

Over at Goofy’s Candy Co., located next to the Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs you can actually customize your own treat.  When you build your own treat, YOU decide what snack you want, what it’s dipped in, the topping and what it’s drizzled with. There are literally hundreds of treat options here, whatever your imagination can conjure up!

Cupcake ATM

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes

The cupcakes at Sprinkles are soooo good! But cupcakes out of an ATM?!?! They have an outdoor kiosk here that allows you to order and receive your cupcakes via an ATM. It’s a really cool experience but can run out of some of the flavors you can find inside. So just hop inside if you don’t see what you had your heart set on.

Drink a Soda Flight

Coca Cola Store at Disney Springs

Coca Cola Store at Disney Springs

At the top of the Coca-Cola Store is a rooftop bar. The menu here features a huge array of bottled and fountain drinks alongside the Freestyle Experience. The Freestyle Experience allows 5 refills within an hour of purchase to try out selections of the 100+ flavor options. If you are having trouble deciding then you may want to opt for a tray of Coke drinks featuring several “Tastes of the World.”

Dine Inside a Theater

AMC Dine In Movie Theater Disney Springs.

AMC Dine-In Movie Theater Disney Springs.

Some of you may have a dine-in theater in your hometown but if not, it’s a really cool experience to do at least once in a lifetime. This is a perfect way to fill a non-park day, arrival or departure day, or if you are doing a special event and can’t go to the park until after 4 pm.

Grab Some Free Chocolate

Ghirardelli Disney Springs

Ghirardelli Disney Springs

Who can so no to free chocolate? Stop inside of Ghiradelli to get the free sample of the day! Plus it smells divine inside of this store and you can even pick up one of their delicious sundaes here or in the ice cream shop next door.

Dine with Dinosaurs at Trex

Unique Things to do at Disney Springs 3

This is a great experience if you are a little or big kid. T Rex Cafe is much the same as Rainforest Cafe except instead of a jungle theme this one is themed after dinosaurs complete with meteor showers. If your kids are sensitive to loud noises and roaring dinosaurs this may not be the stop for you. Otherwise, game on! Out front of this restaurant, they even have a dino dig as well as a build a dinosaur option in the gift shop.

What are your favorite stops when you visit Disney Springs? If you want to know more about dining at Disney Springs read our list of the best options. If you are looking for more options of things to do at Disney when you don’t have a ticket read 20 Things to do at Walt Disney World without a Ticket.

As a bonus we also have a cool walkthrough video around Disney Spring.


FANTASTIC ideas for what to do on your day at Disney Springs Walt Disney World.

Melinda Weichelt

Tuesday 16th of January 2018

It was the first time going to Disney Springs. I am coming back again. Had a great time


Tuesday 7th of November 2017

I almost skipped Disney Springs when I was at WDW with my daughter and thankfully I didn't- she LOVED our time there! So many cool experiences and different places to check out.


Tuesday 7th of November 2017

Love Disney Springs, you definitely could spend more than a half a day there. Thanks for sharing all wonderful areas to explore there!