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Ideal Disney World Morning Routine

Ideal Disney World Morning Routine

Morning routines are an essential part of your everyday life. I am sure you have one now that consist of breakfast, news, workout, commute and a whole host of other things. But what about when you are on vacation? What does your morning routine look like then? Well, I am sharing the ideal Disney World morning routine.

Wake Up Grumpy Face!

Alarms are an essential part of my vacations because there is no way I am waking up early on my own. In fact, I like to set up a backup alarm just in case I turn off the first one by mistake. Remember the early bird gets the worm, especially at Disney World.

Getting Dressed

At the end of my previous day, I always make sure to double-check the forecast and then lay out my clothes for the next day. This way in the morning I don’t have to think about a thing and can get to breakfast and more importantly coffee faster! If you are interested I also shared my Disney makeup recommendations. Spoiler – keep it simple!

Get Moving

It’s best to get to the bus stop an hour before the park opens that day. If you are driving yourself then I recommend you arrive 30-40 minutes before park opening. For more on Disney transportation read Everything you Need to Know About the Disney World Bus System.

Have a Magical Breakfast

I am notorious for getting hangry when I am not fed on time. So make sure you have plans for some morning fuel to get your day started right. You can stop at your hotel, book a sit-down breakfast or even go all out order room service! 

Other Morning Tips

Make sure to save a photo of your Fastpass+ bookings on your phone. We all know computers can have issues and it’s a good idea you have your own back just in case there is a glitch or the system goes down.


Disney World morning routine