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Great Ways to Countdown the Days to Your Disney World Vacation

Great Ways to Countdown the Days to Your Disney World Vacation

When it comes to planning a Disney vacation, it can be so exciting. However, all that planning usually has to be done way in advance to get the best prices and to fit in all the effort it takes to put a family vacation together. This means there can often be long wait times in between your decision to go to Walt Disney World and actually getting to go there. When kids are involved in this wait, it can feel like the time is passing so slowly. However, the wait until you make it to Disney doesn’t have to be a boring one. Here are some fun ways you can countdown your trip to Walt Disney World.

Countdown Calendar Printable

Great Ways to Countdown the Days to Your Disney World Vacation 1

About thirty days out is usually a great time to start your kids on counting down the days to Disney. This printable calendar will help them visually see how many days they have left until the exciting trip. There are multiple ways you can use this calendar. Some suggestions are, printing out one for each child to hang in their room so they can color in the Mickey spots each day; moving a magnet over to a new day with the printable hanging on the fridge, or stamping the spots each day. Really, there are many ways you could go about it, making it a special moment each day for the kids to look forward to.

Disney Milestones Stickers

Great Ways to Countdown the Days to Your Disney World Vacation 2

If you have a longer time to countdown your trip, these Disney Mickey and Minnie head sticker printables will be fun to use. The stickers have various milestones listed on them for your long countdown. Place them on the day in the calendar they coincide with and when that day comes, show the kids what day it is and have a mini celebration like a day at the park or ice cream.

Disney Countdown Chain

Great Ways to Countdown the Days to Your Disney World Vacation 3

Have the kids help you make this Mickey themed countdown chain made out of construction paper. It’s cheap to make and makes for a fun craft day with them. They can each make their own then they can tear off a link in the chain each day that passes, making it closer to the Disney trip. This can be made a special moment on a daily basis and you can even make milestones in the chain that are different colors. You can play with your own ideas on mixing this chain up and making it your own.

Wipe Off Board Printable

Great Ways to Countdown the Days to Your Disney World Vacation 4

Print off this sheet and put it in a picture frame. Stand that picture frame up on a table or hang it on the wall. Using a whiteboard marker, let the kids take turns wiping off the days to your trip and rewriting them. I usually let the kids have their own color of marker so we know who did the number last in order for fights to not break out over whose turn it is. I write their names on the markers as an extra precaution as well.

Chewbacca Countdown

Disney World Countdown Star Wars

A lot of Disney stuff you run into usually has a Mickey and Minnie theme. If your child (or you) are into other Disney characters, you may be looking for something a little different. I loved this Chewbacca countdown. Not only can you have fun with the kids making this Chewbacca yourselves, but then the numbers can be updated on a daily basis so kids can see for themselves how many days are left until the trip. This also cuts down on them asking so many times how long it will be until Disney.

Mr. Potato Head Countdown

Mr Potato Head Countdown

This countdown is for ten days before your trip. Print it out and have the kids color the various portions of the countdown. Each day, you add a new piece of Mr. Potato head to his body. If you wanted to, you could even make this big enough to cover a door and do it in the spirit of pin the tail on the donkey. There’s a lot of fun ways to work with this one.

There are so many different ways to countdown days to your Disney World vacation. I’ve even used a countdown on my phone for just myself because I get excited too. These are just a few fun ideas to help get the wheels rolling on ideas. If you want help with planning your trip be sure to download our FREE Printable Disney Daily Vacation Planner

Kim Seghers

Tuesday 9th of July 2019

Love all these countdowns! Such a nice variety and one that everyone would love. Thanks for sharing all these AMAZING ideas. This Disney fan loves them all!