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Glossary of Disney Words and Their Meanings

Glossary of Disney Words and Their Meanings

Ever talk to someone about Disney World and then the conversation suddenly starts to sound like they are speaking a totally different langue than yours? That’s because Disney insiders seemingly have a language of their own. It’s all based around the magic of the mouse of course. So if you are planning a vacation and feeling a little lost here is a glossary of Disney words and their meanings.

Disney Words Defined

Advanced Dining Reservation

This is also known as ADR and is in reference to you booking your dining reservations at sit down restaurants. You can make these reservations 180 days in advance. For some recommendations read our list of the best Disney World restaurants.

After Hours

A special event that allows you to enjoy Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park experiences after theme park closing! The events happen only on select nights and do cost extra. We shared how much we loved this exclusive experience in our review here.


Abbreviated as AA these are the robotic figurines found inside some the classic Disney attractions. Disney invented and trademarked this whole new technology in 1961 and it has grown and improved ever since. The technology has come so far I bet you will question what is real and what is show.


This is a term used for the area where guests are not allowed. A behind the scenes of the parks if you will. This is where the less than glamorous action happens keeping everything on stage look tip top for you! If you ever want to get behind the scenes look be sure to check out one of Disney World’s many backstage tours.

Cast Member

This is the army of people who make all the magic possible at Disney World. The employees of the Walt Disney World Company are called Cast Members.

Counter Service

A dining term often brought up in reference of the Disney Dining plan. This is a classification for a dining option where you walk up to the counter and order your food. Sometimes you also hear it referred to as quick service.

Dapper Day

Dapper refers to dressing smart or neat. On two designated days a year Dapper Day celebrations are had! Check out their website for the latest information. Make sure to add your email to the mailing list. You can also check our experience of a day at a Dapper event!

Dark Ride

This classifies Disney’s indoor attractions where you board a moving vehicle and go by various scenes telling a story.

Disability Access Service

For short this is referred to as DAS. (DAS) allows Guests with disabilities at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to receive a return time for attractions based on the current wait time. Guests Relations at the front of each park will continue to assist Guests and provide assistance that is responsive to their unique circumstances.

Disney Bounding

Glossary of Disney Words and Their Meanings 3

Disney bounding is a subtle way to dress up as a Disney Character. It’s a very clever way to get around the rule that adults aren’t allowed to wear costumes (unless you are attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party). Instead of opting to dress up in a full-blown costume, you pair everyday clothes together to resemble a Disney Character.

Disney College Program

Also referenced to as the CP. This is a Disney work program just for college students and recent graduates. Participants live in housing right by Disney World, work at Disney as well as, attending educational classes.

Disney Dining Plan

Known as DDP this is a meal plan you can package in with your stay at a Disney World Resort. For more on how this plan works, you can read our guide.

Disney Dollars

While these are no longer available for purchase they are still an important part of Disney history. The “money” was an old school form of giftcards. It was formatted like cash and was able to purchase and spent at Disney World!

Disney Vacation Club

A chance at owning your own piece of the Disney property. DVC, is Disney’s timeshare option. There are special resort that have extra special rooms with extra amenities and extra space.

Extra Magic Hours

This is an extra perk available only to Disney World Resort guests and a few select participating resorts. You get a chance to spend extra time in one of the theme parks each day, either before it opens or after it closes.


Disney FastPass+ service allows you to reserve access to select Walt Disney World theme park attractions, entertainment, and Character Greetings in advance. There is no additional cost to use FastPass+ service, it is included with your theme park admission.

Guest Relations

This is the crew that will help you with any problem that might arise when visiting the Disney World theme parks. Guest Relations is located at the front of each one of the theme parks. Consult a guide map for the exact location.

Hidden Mickey

Glossary of Disney Words and Their Meanings 4

This is a fun treasure hunt you can play while at Disney World. A special little treat is that the Imagineers have snuck in little hidden Mickeys all around rides, resorts, dining and more! Just keep a counter to see how many you can find in one trip!


The engineer team responsible for the creativity and imagine that goes into building every corner of Disney World.

Kiss Goodnight

This is Disney’s magical way of saying goodbye at the Magic Kingdom. It plays every 30 minutes after the park closes and is about two minutes long.


It’s the new key to the world and it can be worn on your wrist! For example, it holds your park tickets so when you want to enter a park you just scan your MagicBand. MagicBands also allow you to unlock your Disney Resort room, hold your FastPass entrances, hold your credit card information, as well as connect you to all your Disney PhotoPass pictures taken throughout the properties. 

Magic Shot

This is when Disney adds in fun magical touches to your Photopass pictures. Normally this involves the addition of a character to your photo.

Magical Express

This is the free transportation service that Disney provides to its resort guests to get to and from the Orlando International Airport.

Memory Maker

This is a digital download package that includes all of your pictures taken with Photopass. Photopass spots are included around the theme parks, resorts and even includes on-ride photos.

Minnie Van

Front of Minnie Van

This transportation option was released in 2017 as an Uber/Lyft style service to help you get anywhere around Walt Disney World. The coolest thing about the Minnie Vans is the SUVs and vans actually are fully decked out like Minnie Mouse herself. Plus the drivers of these cars are actually vetted Disney employees. For even more read our guide on Minnie Vans.

My Disney Experience

The official planning tool to keep track of your entire Disney World vacation. Here you can book dining reservations, order a MagicBand, check in to your hotel, and more!

On Property

In reference to when you are on official Walt Disney World land. It’s most commonly used to reference if your hotel is on property or off.

Park Hopper

Adding on this ticket option allows you to access more than one park per day. You can visit any of the four parks in a single day. It’s a must if you want to complete the one day four park challenge!

Park Hopping

This is in reference from jumping to one Disney theme park to another in the same day. You will need to add a park hopper option to your ticket in order to do this.


Photographers are stationed through out the Disney Parks and resort ready to take a family photo for you.

Rope Drop

If you are an early bird you probably already know what this is. You rope drop park when you get there before it opens. As an extra special treat this will also allow you to see the opening ceremony show.

Single Rider

Three of Disney biggest and most popular rides have something called a single rider line which will get you to the front of the line faster! The single rider lines at Disney World offers solo travelers, or guests whose family may not want to join, the opportunity to enter a special line at select Disney World rides. For more read which attractions this includes.

Table Service

This is the word used in reference to sit down restaurants where you have a waiter. They also are the spots that accept advanced dining reservations.

Tables in Wonderland

Tables and Wonderland Discount Card

First off let us start that not everyone can purchase this discount program. The Tables in Wonderland card is available to Florida Residents, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Members, and Annual Passholders. The card gets you a 20% discount on food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, at most full-service restaurants and lounges in the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and hotels. For more on this discount read this.

Ticket and Transportation Center

This spot is the parking lot for the Magic Kingdom if you have ever driven then you have most likely already been here. It’s also a hub for the monorail allowing you to go to the resort as well as transfer to the Epcot line.

We hoped you enjoyed our list of Disney Lingo and whether your a newbie or seasoned Disney goer it added some new tidbits into your Disney knowledge bank. If you have a special Disney word that we forgot to define above be sure to share in the comment section below.