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How to Ride in a Minnie Van at Disney World

How to Ride in a Minnie Van at Disney World

So you may have already heard of the latest mode of Disney transportation, Minnie Vans! They were released in 2017 as an Uber/Lyft-style service to help you get anywhere around Walt Disney World. While the service had been removed for a couple of years, Minnie Vans are back for 2022. The coolest thing about the Minnie Vans is the SUVs and vans actually are fully decked out like Minnie Mouse herself. Plus the drivers of these cars are actually vetted Disney employees.

The downside to this service is it isn’t the most cost-effective option for transportation. Disney has now changed pricing to the variable rates of ride-sharing services of Uber and Lyft. When Minnie Vans first launched they were a flat fee but it’s now a $15 flat fee with a charge for each mile driven. So let’s look a little closer at how to ride in a Minnie Van at Disney World.

Where Can You Get on a Minnie Van

These polka-dotted vehicles can be requested from 6:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. (Hours subject to change) at every Disney World Resort plus everywhere else at Disney World. Disney has slowly been ramping up this service and is now available to everyone.

As mentioned before you can use your Minnie Van to go throughout all of Walt Disney World. This includes all the Disney resort hotels, the four theme parks, Disney Springs, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon. Minnie Vans used to take guests to MCO, the airport here in Orlando. This service is going to cost you a lot more money however, airport travel is available from 9 a.m. to midnight and costs $150. At the moment this airport service has not yet returned.

How to Order a Minnie Van at Disney World

In order to request a ride, you do so via the Lyft app. First off download the Lyft app to your cell phone, if you don’t have it already. Now you need to actually get the Minnie Van service activated on your phone.  Most can do so via a pop-up notification you receive in your My Disney Experience app. Some people don’t get a pop-up. If you don’t want to use the Lyft app simply visit a Cast Member at the Concierge Desk of your resort.

Once you have the service activated open the Lyft app back up and request a car as you normally would. It’s not until after you enter your pickup point and destination that the option for you to order a Minnie Van will appear on your phone.

One confusing thing we found and wanted to mention is the price. The price estimate for the van on the app will likely say less than $20 but it is important to understand that the total no matter what will be $25.

Once you select Minnie Van Service you’ll be shown a map with all the available vans and the estimated time for the arrival of your Minnie Van. With all Minnie Vans looking alike, there is a number on the side of the vehicle which makes it easy to pick out yours! This is especially helpful if several pull up at the same time, as we have seen it happen before!

Ordering an Accessible Minnie Van Service

  1. Open the Lyft app within Walt Disney World Resort, and enter your destination.
  2. Confirm your pickup location and tap “Select Access. Minnie Van”(short for “Accessible Minnie Van”). If accessible Minnie Van service doesn’t immediately display, scroll through vehicle type options until it appears.
  3. Track your vehicle’s progress on a map provided by the app. You’ll see the vehicle number to help you spot your car.

Please note: accessible Minnie Vans includes seating for 4, space for 2 wheelchairs and 1 car seat.

Minnie Van Car Specs

Minnie Vans are a polka-dotted wrapped Chevy Traverse. A Traverse can seat up to 6 and they do have car seats available for your little ones. The Minnie Van fleet also includes vans for guests with special needs, such as those in wheelchairs or ECVs.

Parents of young princesses and princes need not worry! ALL Minnie Vans are equipped with 2 versatile car seats. These convertible seats can operate as both forward facing or rear facing traditional seats. If your child is in that in-between phase they can also be used as a booster seat.

How Much Does a Minnie Van Cost

As we mentioned before the pricing has changed from the original launch of the Minnie Vans. You will now be charged a $15 flat fee in addition to a variable charge for each mile drive. You can check the prices yourself using the Lyft app and enter your starting location and ending location on Disney property. Then the option of choosing a Minnie Van will be listed as you view all the options.

Minnie Van

Is the Minnie Van the Right Choice for You?

Again, we say this all the time, you always are the one who can make the best decision for your family. Minnie Vans tend to make sense for families with kids who still are in need of a car seat. Really the only time non-Disney transportation is necessary is if you are traveling to a park or resort extra early for a character breakfast or needed in the case when you are running late and need to get somewhere fast. There are times that those bus lines can get really long. You could request an Uber with a car seat for around the same price but then you would lose out on the Disney service and the exclusive access Minnie Vans have.

A plus of Minnie Vans is they can normally drop you off closer than other transportation can. There are two places you really get a major benefit, Magic Kingdom, Trails End and Hoop-dee-do revue. In both cases, they take you right up to the front. At the Magic Kingdom, unless you use a Disney bus, you will have to take a boat or monorail before you get to the park. For Fort Wilderness, there is no way other than a Minnie Van that you are getting a direct drop off to those two dining locations!

So if you are traveling without little kids there is no real cost-benefit to choosing a Minnie Van. You would be much better off catching an Uber or a regular Lyft to get to those early morning breakfast reservations or to travel somewhere quick.


Monday 24th of September 2018

I don't have small children requiring car seats, but I do visit Disney with children. The Minnie Vans give me a peace of mind that I don't get with Uber or Lyft. I know the drivers will be vetted by Disney and the cars will be clean. That is priceless.

But the kids like the Minnie Vans because they're so Disney. Anything Disney is something the kids will get a kick out of. So we choose the Minnie Vans over taxis, Uber, or Lyft for our early-morning breakfasts.

Frank Wang

Monday 2nd of July 2018

Can Uber and Lyft still operate in these areas or is the minnie van the only service allowed?

Patty Staricha

Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

Yes, they are both still available!