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Epcot Map Disney World

Epcot Map Disney World

Wondering how you are going to find your way around when you arrive for your day at Epcot in Walt Disney World? Well, look no further than the latest 2019 Epcot map. It’s interesting to see the maps change for every festival held here at Epcot but we have also seen many changes to the Epcot map due to the major construction and reimagining of Epcot currently underway.

2021 Map of Epcot

Epcot Map Disney World 1
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There is a TON of construction currently underway at this park. If you haven’t been in a while pathways you are used to may be closed. This year we got to see a new entrance unveiled and are eagerly awaiting the addition of the new Ratatouille ride in France.  

2019 Epcot Map

Epcot Map Disney World 2

You can see that Disney has already updated the map to reflect the current construction underway. The Starbucks and Club Cool locations are closed and in fact, the whole building is removed off the map. As you can see the Fountain of Nations is also removed on the map now that it has been demolished.

Epcot Map Disney World 3

2018 Epcot Map

Front of Epcot Map 2018
Front of Epcot Map 2018
Inside Epcot Map 2018
Inside Epcot Map 2018

Disney park maps are a great way to get the lay of the land. I recommend reviewing the park map to at least know the general direction of each of the lands prior to your first visit. You don’t want to arrive and be slowed down just trying to figure out where you need to go next and how to get there. Every Disney World park map clearly marks attractions, dining, shows, bathrooms, etc. Of course, if you are in the park and can’t find something any Disney World cast member will be able to help you out on finding your way.

If you are looking for the times of shows and hours of operation for restaurants and rides you won’t find it on the map. Instead be sure to grab the paper times guide at the entrance of Epcot or use the My Disney Experience App on your phone.

Download and print your own copy of the Epcot map here!

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