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Best Reusable Straw to take with you to Disney World

Best Reusable Straw to take with you to Disney World

Did you know that Disney World has banned plastic straws? The whole entire Walt Disney Company committed to decreasing its environmental footprint and conversing resources in as many ways as possible. You may notice this with such efforts as the Conservation fund at Animal Kingdom theme park. More recently Disney vowed to reduce their single-use plastics in all owned and operated parks and cruise lines. This one simple change will eliminate more than 175 million single-use straws! 

While we applaud Disney’s step to make this world a bit cleaner we know many of you just can’t do without a regular straw. In the place of the plastic straws, Disney has placed paper straws instead. Many complain that these get soggy and fall apart before they can even finish their drink. While I often don’t mind just drinking straight out of the glass I know it’s not for everyone. Especially little kids who need straws to avoid the mess. This is where we have really found bring a reusable straw into the theme parks extra helpful. 

Final Straw

Best Reusable Straw to take with you to Disney World 9

This is our favorite brand of reusable straw to use! If it sounds familiar you may have seen them in their overwhelming successful Kickstarter project. Final Straw isn’t an ordinary reusable straw it collapses too! Worried about lugging a bunch of straws around the park? These things are tiny they fold up and fit into a convenient carrying case that is about the size of your car key. Cleaning is quick and easy.

So what about cleaning a straw, that can’t be easy right? Wrong! Your straw comes with a squeegee cleaner, run it through once and it’s clean! Best of all it is dishwasher safe. I am such a fan of tossing everything in the dishwasher and let it do all the hard work. 

If you are ready to get your own for you and your family the straws are $25 each and you can get them here

Cheaper Bulk Reusable Straws 

Best Reusable Straw to take with you to Disney World 10

For less than $10 we found these silicone straws over on Amazon. It includes 10 regular size silicone straws (2 blue, 2 purple, 2 pink, 2 teal, and 2 white straws), a cleaning brush and a carrying bag. While these aren’t as feature-packed as the Final Straw above they are certainly more affordable. If you also admit you are one to lose things, especially while traveling this would be the lower stakes buy for the trip. 

Disney Themed Reusable Straws

Best Reusable Straw to take with you to Disney World 11

Over on, they have these adorable straws covered in little Mickeys. They are harder to clean and not as convenient but if you are going for a Mickey theme you really can’t go wrong with this set from the Disney Eats collection.