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Disney World Secrets you Need to Uncover

Disney World Secrets you Need to Uncover

Details are often brought up when discussing what makes Disney theme parks different from all the rest. Every inch of the Disney parks are brimming with the extra mile and extra detail. Most of these details are lost on us as we race to make our Fastpass and eat our Dole Whips. However, Disney World secrets are what gives your vacation that extra pixie dust. I wonder how many of these you knew about?

Windows on Main Street

Don’t just fly down Main Street USA on your way to Cinderella’s Castle. Take some time to read the various windows in the buildings on Main Street. Each window is a tribute to a different person who helped build the Magic Kingdom and the Disney Company in general. I popular photograph spot you will find is the casting door at the end of Main Street.

The Ring at Haunted Mansion

Have you found the ring buried in the cement outside of the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom? The legend goes that Master Gracey had gotten angry at his bride to be for cheating on him and tossed it over the balcony in a fit of rage. It’s a fan favorite and a popular spot for engagements. You just never know what you may see at Disney World.

Jungle Spiders

If you are a fan of the Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom like I am you will remember the scene where you journey through a ruined temple well. When you enter these ruins that are falling apart you will see these giant spiders on the walls. They are actually leftovers from the Haunted Mansion. Be sure to compare when you go on the two rides.

Terrified Screams

Disney World Secrets you Need to Uncover 1

Did you know you are hearing pre-recorded screams outside the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios? Sure people are really screaming as they drop 13 stories at random but you really can’t hear that down on the street in front of the attraction. Queue the pre-recorded screams. Still, don’t believe me? Stand outside the attraction and listen, you will notice how it sounds like the same screams every time.

Bonus fun fact did you know the Tower of Terror was actually struck by lightning while it was being built?!?

Well at Indiana Jones

Ever notice there is a well to the left of the entrance of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios? There is a rope you can pull and hear some unusual noises.

What’s the Smell?

Disney actually pumps in smells to various spots around the parks. Disney knows that smells are a powerful force that brings memories and creates instant reactions. So when you walk by the confectionary on Main Street and smell all that candy part of that is with some extra help from Disney’s proprietary smell pumping system.

What’s even cooler is that during the holiday season they switch the smell on Main Street to a seasonal peppermint scent.

Muppets Key

The Muppets 3D over at Hollywood Studios has lots of cool props in its waiting area. Keep your eye for a doormat, lift and up and you may just be surprised to find a key! The sign on the door says come on in the key is under the mat, and sure enough, it really is!

Missing Bathrooms

Back in colonial times (aka 18th century America), there were no restrooms. So in order to stay historically accurate, you will find no bathrooms in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. If you need to use a restroom head to the Tangled Toilets in Fantasyland or neighboring Frontierland.

Kiss Goodnight

Disney World Secrets you Need to Uncover 2

If you don’t mind staying up late you will like this one! After the Magic Kingdom officially closes they play a special Kiss Goodnight at Cinderella’s Castle. While most people get the heck out of the park as soon as fireworks are over you can still hang around and shop on Main Street for about an hour after park close. You can catch the 2-3 minute show approximately 30 minutes after the park has closed. It’s a really nice, Disney way of saying okay get out and go home!

What Do you Really Sound Like?

Ever wonder what your voice sounds like? The voice we hear normally isn’t what we sound like to others. If you go to the China pavilion and stand in the middle of the temple at Epcot you can hear your voice. The building was designed to be acoustically perfect. This is what lets you hear your voice echoing right back at you.

What Walt Disney World secrets have you uncovered during your vacations? Please share your findings in the comment section below!