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The Best Disney Pin Display Ideas

The Best Disney Pin Display Ideas

If you are a fellow pin collector hopefully you aren’t like me and keep your pins in drawers! Not a good way to keep your collection of pins worth probably hundreds of dollars. I am always shocked how fast those pin purchases add up! Well, now I am ecstatic to have my pins out of drawers and on display. The best Disney Pin Display Ideas allow you to display your Disney pin collection in style.

Small Disney Pin Display Holders

Mouse Head Pin Board

The Best Disney Pin Display Ideas 1

These mini size pin holders are perfect addition to your desk or can be hung up on the wall with the built in hooks in the back. Depending on the size of your pins this holder will fit about 15 pins on average but I have seen reviews where it holds even more!

Shop pin board here! 

Ear Hat Pin Board

Disney Pin Board

Shop the Mouse Hat Pin Holder here! 

This is another smaller sized pin holder. Display your collection and favorite memories from your Disney vacation. There are two hangers in the back of the pinboard so you can hang it up on a wall in any room of your house. For more on pin collecting at Disney World read our Best Pin Trading Spots!

Large Disney Pin Displays

Is your collection of Disney pins on the large side? These super-sized pin board holders will give you the room you need to put your collection out on display.

Mouse Ear Pin Holders

The Best Disney Pin Display Ideas 2

Shop this pin holder style here.

Mouse Ear with Bow Pin Holder

Star Wars Inspired Pin Displays

We know that many of you that are pin collectors have specific themes, characters, attractions, or movies that you collect your pins around. This is where this collection comes in. Both the styles below come in a smaller or larger size.

The Best Disney Pin Display Ideas 3

Here is the small size and here is the link to shop the large size.

The Best Disney Pin Display Ideas 4

Here is the small size and here is the link to shop the large size.

Lanyard Pin Displays

Just like wearing in the parks, you can always show off your pin collection via a lanyard. There are many lanyard options sold directly by Disney in the parks and you can even catch some amazing deals at the Character Outlets here in Orlando.

Once you have filled your lanyard up from pin trading and collecting this is a great opportunity to hang it up on your wall and start a new one for your park adventures.

The Best Disney Pin Display Ideas 5

For the hooks on the wall, you can keep it simple with Command Hooks or you can upgrade and get one of these metal Disney-inspired hooks from Baxter and Co.

Conclusion on Disney Pin Displays

When it comes to finding a way to display your pin collection the options are truly endless out there. I hope this article helped shed light on some awesome small businesses out there helping you put your Disney pin collection on display. Let us know in the comment section below how you have your Disney pins on display!