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Extra Special Disney Outlet Store in Orlando

Extra Special Disney Outlet Store in Orlando

There is a magical secret place hiding in Orlando Florida. It’s the Disney Outlet Store in Orlando and actually, there are two of them! Did you know just up the street from Disney World was a Disney Character Outlet? Now a Character Disney Outlet is no ordinary spot! It’s different from a regular Disney Outlet since it is packed with nothing but merchandise from the various Disney Parks. Here in Orlando we mostly have merchandise from Disney World and the Disney Cruiseline. Lately, I have also seen a fair amount of Shanghai Disney merchandise as well.

Why Head to a Disney Outlet Store?

So why Disney Outlet? You love to save money, right? The cost is a fraction of what you will pay inside the Disney World theme parks. I once picked up a shirt that was $1.99, something you would never see at Disney World. Personally, since I live next door to all this magic this is how I try to get all my Disney clothing, housewares, pins, Christmas ornaments, ect.

I will mention there is a downside to the Disney Outlet, you just never know what you are going to get. The stock here is never guaranteed. If you are in the middle of summer and looking for Christmas ornaments odds are you may only find one or two options. Sometimes the store is PACKED with items other times, like when we went last week the store it had half of what we normally see.

Where to Find the Disney Outlet Store in Orlando

There are two Disney Character Outlets in Orlando. The one on Vineland is just outside of Disney Springs and very close to get to. If you are needing to take a taxi or Uber I highly recommend this one as it’s closer and will cost you less.

If you are driving to the Vineland outlet be warned they charge for parking now in their garage. The cost is $10 to park. It makes finding a standard parking spot a bit of a waiting game. If you want to avoid paying I recommend going first thing in the morning or right before close.

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlet Address

8200 Vineland Ave,
Orlando, FL 32821

The International outlets are a little further north right off of I4 as well. The store here is smaller than the one on Vineland. We don’t go here as often since the parking can be a nightmare. So why go here at all then? Well since it is further away from the mouse it tends to be less picked over. They also sometimes even have different things that the other one doesn’t.

There is no garage here and they have converted some of the parking space to paid only spots. Not a huge fan of charging me to shop somewhere but the things we do for some Disney savings! Again, I recommend if you want to avoid fighting for parking going to in the morning at open or right before they close in the evening.

Orlando International Drive Premium Outlet Address

4951 International Dr,
Orlando, FL 32819

What to Expect to Find at a Disney Character Outlet

Disney Apparel

Disney Outlet Orlando Clothing

There is always a good selection of apparel to choose from. The women’s section is undoubtedly the largest but there are clothes for men and kids as well. The baby section, be warned is super tiny. When my niece was born is was so hard to find her some outfits. I also love that they have the princess costumes here from time to time. You can get some fantastic dress deals this way!

Kids Toys

Disney Outlet Kids Toys

As pictured above they have plushes! This trip there was emoji ones and we also saw a lot of Baymax plush piled up. They also have action figures, sometimes I have even seen Legos. It’s mostly smaller, little toys like I keep saying you just never know what you are going to find. Oh! How could I forget they always have some sort of Tsum Tsum selection for $0.99 each!

Jewelry & Accessories

Extra Special Disney Outlet Store in Orlando 1

Yes, you see that right Alex and Ani has been a pretty constant staple at the Disney Outlets these days. You tend to find the ones that are for special events or are dated.

Extra Special Disney Outlet Store in Orlando 2

You can normally find a Dooney and Bourke style or two. It was surprising to see the Orange Bird pattern here. The purses for Dooney tend to be RunDisney leftovers, Food and Wine, Flower and Garden, ect. The styles that were meant for select dates and have already passed.

There are NOT the only Dooney and Bourke purses. They have little totes, backpacks and other styles from random things around the parks.


Coffee cups I normally can always catch at the outlets. we have found Elsa princess cups, Test Track and more! My favorite find in the houseware section is always the art prints. I love Wonderground Gallery and some of their stuff always migrates to the outlets. When I am lucky I can find my favorite Hipster Mickey pieces.

With the Co-Op being added to Disney Springs I now find odd and end kitchen things. Plates, drink cups, oven mitts again you just never know! Picture frames are another common finding. Especially after the new year when all the dated frames come to the outlets.

Disney Pins

Disney pins disney outlet

If you are looking to build up your pin collection this is a great way to do so. Again, after special events and parties the Disney Outlet Store here in Orlando tends to get them. I loved it when I was able to find the Tsum Tsum Adventureland pin pack here for 50% off!

So there you have it! The hidden Disney World discount store in Orlando. If you can get yourself off Disney property and take some time away from the parks it’s a great stop. Looking for more ways to save money at Disney World? Read All the Ways you Can Save Money at Disney.

Have you ever been to the Disney Outlet Store in Orlando? What treasures and amazing deals were you able to find?


Saturday 3rd of September 2022

We found my grownup son R2-D2 ears for $1.99 at the outlet. He was soooo excited to get them. After they arrived, at our Disney resort later in the day, we went back and they were sold out. These are a valued memento of his still today!!