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Best Halloween Disney Shows To Watch On Disney+

Best Halloween Disney Shows To Watch On Disney+

The Mickey pumpkins are up and the first Boo Bash has already commenced, so it’s time to officially welcome the Halloween season at Disney World! If you can’t be at the parks to indulge in all the frightful festivities, don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween shows currently on Disney+ to get you in a spooky mood. Between twisted villains, to downright classics, make sure to trick-or-treat yourself in these ghoulish delights:

1. Hocus Pocus

SISTAS!! Honestly, no list about the best Halloween Disney movies to watch would be complete with mentioning Hocus Pocus. This classic 90s film stars Bette Midler as the titular – I mean WITCHular, Winifred Sanderson, along with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy who play her sisters Sarah and Mary. But these aren’t your ordinary sisters: they’re witches who have been resurrected after 300 years. On a hunt to reclaim their youth, the three sisters take the quiet, spooky town of Salem by storm. The only question is….will they succeed

2. The Haunted Mansion

While a ghost may follow you home as you disembark the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom, Eddie Murphy’s home is filled with 999 not-so-happy haunts in this modern re-telling of a tried and true classic. Murphy plays Jim Evers, a real estate agent who just happens to find himself at Gracey Manor of all places. With the help of Madame Leota and some interesting, (yeah, interesting) aid from those who work there, will Jim be able to break the horrid curse that befalls the mansion in time? The only way to find out is by watching it. 

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3. Nightmare Before Christmas

So Nightmare Before Christmas might be a Christmas movie…but it’s also a Halloween classic. Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King, but he wants more from life instead of the same old, boring tricks. So when Jack gets the idea to spread Christmas joy to Halloween Town, mayhem follows. As one of Tim Burton’s most popular films, we have to ask…do you consider Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween film or a Christmas one? 

4. Behind the Attraction (Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion Episodes)

Disney’s new series, Behind the Attraction, debuted in July of 2021 and features tons of interesting facts about the history, mechanics, and inspiration for popular Disney attractions. However, if you want to celebrate with something spooky, you have to check out the episodes on the Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror. These are two of the creepiest rides in Walt Disney World, and how they came to be is so fascinating. You’ll learn new stories and develop a whole new appreciation for the work and creativity that it took to bring these rides to life. 

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5. Cruella

Cruella is scary. I mean, it’s even said in her song: if she doesn’t SCARE you, no evil thing will *shivers*. This film stars Emma Stone who takes us on a journey of how young and hungry designer Estella embraced the darkness to become one of the most sinister villains in all of Disney history. The film will be available for everyone to watch for free on Disney+ on August 27th. 

6. The Halloweentown Series

If you grew up watching Disney Channel in the 90s, then you’re already familiar with the Halloweentown series. If not, it’s a tale about two sisters who visit their grandmother (played by Debbie Reynolds) where goblins and witches lead normal lives. As Marnie, one of the children, realizes that she’s also a witch, will she be able to save Halloweentown from trouble? 

This main movie is not only a Disney classic, but has three sequels: Return to Halloweentown, Kalabar’s Revenge, and Halloweentown High. 

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7. Loki

What better way to celebrate the Halloween season than watching a show about an actual villain? Loki is by far one of the most clever and intriguing villains, but when he gets sent to the TVA, he finds out things about himself that he never expected. 

Like with Wandavision, Loki features unexpected twists and turns. And after all, aren’t all Disney villains… a little misunderstood? 

8. Fantasia

Chernabog…do I need to say more? This evil character is probably one of the scariest out of all Disney animation, maybe aside from the Horned King in Black Cauldron. When he summons restless soils in “Night on Bald Mountain,” it’s one of the eeriest and creepiest scenes out of any Disney movie. But that’s why it makes our list! 

Mickey, you’re one brave mouse! 

9. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

While a beloved classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is pretty scary, especially when the Evil Queen transforms and as Snow White gets lost in the woods. Snow White was the first Disney animation, so the fact that it has elements that are still spooky to this day is a real testament to the film Walt and his animators created back in the late 1930s. Some parents claim that this film is too scary for their children to watch to this day!

10. Once Upon a Time

Alright, so Once Upon a Time isn’t technically a horror show, BUT it features the river of lost souls, dragons, dark magic, and curses, so I think all of that is pretty scary. The show features an incredible cast of characters, including the Evil Queen from Snow White, a dark and sinister Rumplestilsken, Maleficent, and a host of other characters that will keep you up at night. The series ran for 7 seasons on ABC and it’s a must-watch for any fan of Disney or classic fairy tales. You might think you know their stories….but you don’t. 

Do you have any classic movies or shows you like to watch during the Halloween season? Share them with us below!