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Best Age for the First Trip to Disney World

Best Age for the First Trip to Disney World

Going to Walt Disney World was something I couldn’t wait for my children to experience! Disney World is home for me and holds so many memories so sharing that with my kids was something I wanted to experience right away. I decided no matter how eager I was to show my kids Disney, I had to go at an appropriate time. So when is the best age for the first trip to Disney World? The answer isn’t cut and dry and comes with lots of explanation.

10 months old. This is the age I decided was best for my first child. We were close to his first birthday, he was taking his first steps, and had an obsession with Mickey Mouse. It wasn’t easy deciding on this age and many go with age 1, but it all depends on the child (and the parents too). Our comfort level was past shots/vaccinations, newborn phase, and less required nursing/feeding sessions. Those are all personal parenting choices, obviously.

Reasons Why I Think 9 Months to 1 Year is Perfect for a First Disney World Visit 

  • Recognition. They know some of the beloved classic Disney characters and can shout with glee when they see them. That feeling just can’t be matched when you see your child glow when they see a character they adore in person for the first time. 
  • Near the walking stage. Most children walk around age 1 and this is when they can’t wait to explore and show off some of that independence they’re learning. Both of my boys took some of their first steps at Disney and I can’t recommend being able to cherish a memory like this enough! Even if it’s just a few assisted steps, taking first steps at Disney World is gift many don’t get to experience. 
  • Patience. At this age, kids aren’t as go go go and frustrated with waiting in lines (until they hit the toddler age group). Not to mention the family is so excited to see the new grandbaby experience Disney they tend to make it a group trip. So much natural flowing patience occurs with babies during their first Disney visit and it makes the day that much more enjoyable. When we took Lincoln at 10 months old for his first Disney Visit he slept through part of the parade and all 6 of us family members and friends thought it was so cute we took a ton of photos. The small things matter even if it’s a baby nap at Disney. 
  • They can ride rides! Many assume they can’t ride rides at Disney world until they’re a bit older but there’s actually a lot of rides babies and toddlers can ride. I held an infant and sat next to my toddler on many rides at each park! Check out a full list here. 

Youngest Child I have Taken to Disney World

3 months. This is when I brought my second child to Disney World for the first time. Bringing an infant into Disney is beyond doable but it does require a bit more breaks due to feedings and changing. I don’t mind the pauses at Disney with infants but I do want to share that challenges are there if you want to ride many rides and have a long list of things to accomplish at the parks. I spent a lot more time nursing than riding rides but again, personally didn’t mind the magical nursing views. When you have 2 children and one that has already been to Disney World bringing the second child early is just how it works. If you decide to bring an infant here are a few additional pointers

Pointers on Deciding What Age you Should Take your Kids to Disney World

The biggest thing I hear when talking about the appropriate age for Disney a world is “they won’t remember” but here’s the thing, you will! This is a moment for the baby and the entire family! Take a ridiculous amount of photos and soak up this special moment forever. If you’re a Disney fan or Disney family then the love is already there so going to Disney at any time is truly the right answer for when it’s best to take a child to Disney. If you’re not a big Disney fan and just want to experience it a time or two I would sway more toward the 1-year-old mark.

All of this truly comes down the parent choice, but with my experience, the age of 9 months to 1 year is a fantastic age for a visit Disney World visit. My boys are 4 and 2 and I can remember their very first visits so clearly. The memories we made that day and photos we took will always be some of my most favorite Disney moments. Seeing my boys take Disney photos as brothers- that’s another level of pure Disney magic through a parents eyes. Enjoy the magic through your children, it’s such a blessing.