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5 Perks of the Baby Care Center at Disney World

5 Perks of the Baby Care Center at Disney World

The Baby Care Center at the Disney World theme parks is a place I got to know very quickly as a mother. We took our first child to Disney when he was about 9 months old and I was beyond grateful to learn that they have designated child care areas just for parents and families to take advantage of. I assumed it was a small area just to change your child at, but it is so much more than that. I got familiar with the baby care center very quickly after our first sons first Disney visit because that was the day we decided to become annual pass holders! By the time I had our second child, I knew the exact ways we could take advantage of the baby care center (which are in all theme parks, just ask a cast member for directions). Here are 5 perks of the baby care center at Disney World.

Nurse and Feed your Infant in a very Calm Environment

If you and/or your child prefers to nurse in a more dim lite, quiet area the baby care center is the place for you. The nursing room at the baby care center in the Magic Kingdom is a place I hung out many times when my babies were infants. It’s a large space with about 5 rocking chairs, low lighting, a door with a note to not knock or disturb unless you’re entering to nurse your child, and it’s the quietest spot in the entire park. I was beyond grateful to have a private quiet area for my baby to nurse in his preferred element. With our second child, he preferred loud noise so I nursed in a variety of spots in the theme park, but did take advantage of the other perks for him in the baby care center. Be sure to check out this relaxing feeding spot with your babies!

Relax and Cool Off

There have been many times that we’ve opted for toddler potty breaks inside the baby care center. Each time we’ve stopped at the baby care center in Epcot there’s been a Toy Story movie playing in the kid’s play area of the baby care center. We change diapers, take the oldest to the big boy potty, and then cool off and watch a bit of one of their favorite movies before we do more of the theme park. Kids love Disney, but kids can also have meltdowns at Disney. They’re a bit overstimulated, they’re hot, they’re tired, and they want more sugar. Taking 20 minutes to relax and cool off in the baby care center in front of a Disney movie might just be the thing that gives everyone an extra dose of energy to complete the theme park day fun!

Refill Water and Enjoy a Snack

You’ll find a water cooler near the nursing room to refill your cups at the baby care center in the Magic Kingdom. I often take our snacks into the baby care center too! Sometimes it can be difficult to find a spot to enjoy a packed snack in a busy theme park when you need an area for a family of 4+. I would suggest heading to the baby care center and taking advantage of the kid tables and high chairs for snack time and even lunchtime to be sure you have an area to truly enjoy your packed food at. There are also food options available, such as baby food, for infants and toddlers in some of the baby care centers as well.

Skip the Bathroom Lines

I’m not sure there is anything worse than a toddler that has to go the bathroom with a line out the door. I’m certain all the parents are high fiving me right now. If you’re somewhat close to a baby care center I would highly recommend forcing a potty break moment. Also, if you’re close to a baby care center and your toddler has to go, rush into the baby care center before you try to wait in any line. The baby care centers have regular bathrooms and changing tables. The changing tables are very large for a variety of ages and even better than the changing tables in any public restroom. Don’t stress over long lines or small changing station areas, skip the bathroom lines and head to the baby care center for a roomy changing area and regular bathroom station for everyone in the family to use.

Cast Member Care 

Just as Disney does in all ways, the cast members in the baby care centers are wonderful! After I change my youngest on the changing table there is typically a staff member making sure we are doing well, they’re ready to disinfect the changing area, and put down new changing pad papers for the next child. Once while I was pregnant with my second child and rocking my first child through a cat nap in the baby care center I complained of heartburn. The cast member in the baby care center suggested I walk over to the medical side (which is connected to the baby care center in the Magic Kingdom) for heartburn medication. Just as she suggested I was given acid relief without question in just minutes. The cast members (or what I term baby care center attendants) are magical employees.

Did you know about these 5 perks the baby care center provides parents at Walt Disney World? Be sure to visit the baby care centers in all theme parks to take full advantage of their wonderful options for infants, toddlers, and the parents too! For more tips on bringing your little ones to Disney World read:

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