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Backside of Water Floats into Magic Kingdom

Backside of Water Floats into Magic Kingdom

If you have been on the World Famous Jungle Cruise then you already have heard the World famous backside of water joke. It’s the 8th wonder of the world it’s the backside of water, as your boat floats behind a waterfall. Kids for your safety do not try this trick at home you will hit your head on the back of the sink.

Backside of Water Float

O2H, O2H, O2H, O2H, O2H, O2H!!! Let me hear you say it!

Found at the Sunshine Tree Terrace at the Magic Kingdom float consists of cotton candy and vanilla soft serve, Sprite, and a blue sour belt. Don’t want to wait in line? No problem you can use mobile order to pick up your treat, no need to stand in a long line in the Florida sun.

It was a perfect refreshing drink for the hot summer day that we were there. I was skeptical about the cotton candy flavor but it was perfect. To me, it didn’t have too much of a fake flavoring taste and it was pretty subtle overall.

The drink we release in timing with the movie Jungle Cruise that debuted on Disney+. The movie is a fantastic nod to the classic Disney attraction it’s so named after. We are even more elated the treat is actually enjoyable as well.

The Backside of Water Joke

For those of you lost on why call it the backside of water let me lay out the joke as it happens in the Jungle Cruise attraction.

As you are approaching Schweitzer Falls again, this time, from behind. Your skipper will say, “For those of you who’ve never seen the backside of water, here it is! It looks a lot like the front side, doesn’t it?”

Or maybe instead they will say, “And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, get your cameras ready:  the amazing…the stupendous…the eighth wonder of the world…the backside of water!!!!”

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