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What’s Not Included on a Disney Cruise

What’s Not Included on a Disney Cruise

We had such a great time cruising with Disney Cruiselines last year. One of my favorite parts about the cruise was not having to worry about paying for anything. Everything, for the most, was included. You go to dinner and eat, when you are done you can just leave. However, there are a few things you need to watch out for that are not included with your cruise. We have broken down a list for you so you don’t get surprised when you take your next Disney Cruise.

Child Care 3 months to 3 years

Did you know that children two years of age and under do not sail free? There is a child rate (ages 3-12) and children under 3 cost about 50% less than that child rate. You would think that child care would be included since Disney charges but you must pay an additional per hour fee for child care of children under 3 years of age. If you plan on needing child care for your young ones you will want to factor in this added cost.

Port Adventures

If you get off the boat along the way odds are you are going to incur some extra fees. Disney has their own excursions they sponsor at each of their port stops on your cruise. You will end up paying a bit more to book these through Disney but you have peace of mind that you will be safe and you won’t miss getting back on the boat. If you are looking to explore off the ship O


While food and beverage are included with your cruise, alcohol is not. There are serval bars and lounges located on each ship

Palo and Remy

We had the pleasure of dining at Palo during our last cruise for both brunch and dinner and it was absolutely phenomenal! These two dining locations are both adult-only and come at an additional cost.

Arcade Games and Simulators

At both the arcade games and the simulators you will need your key to the world card in order for them to charge your account for the games you play. For the arcade, you just load up your card with credits and then stick your card into the game of your choice in order to play. If you opt to try your hand at the simulators aboard the ship you will be able to choose between multiple games over the course of your time block. The simulator games included: soccer (try to score on Goofy), football (field goal kicking ), football (passing challenge), hockey (just like soccer), basketball, baseball (pitching only).


Unfortunately, Photopass is not available on the Disney Cruiseline. In its place, they have a similar service. There are numerous places all around the ship where you will find your favorite Disney characters along with a photographer to snap a picture for you. As well photographers will be at special events like Pirate Night and you can even find them if you stop along the way at Castaway Cay.

At any given point during your cruise, you can view and order your photos. Photographs taking onboard the Disney Cruiseline can be purchased individually or you can purchase a photo package. You can find out more information by pre-ordering your photo packages and products through My Cruise Photos before you sail. If you plan on wanting to utilize the Cruiseline photographers we highly recommend paying for a photo package.

Just like inside the Disney Parks you do not have to purchase any of the pictures and the Cast Members are happy to snap a photo for you with your personal camera!


If you must have the internet while cruising the seas Connect@Sea offers internet packages. If you are looking to stay in touch with friends and family who are also onboard the ship, fear not!

Prepackaged Room Service Items

Believe it or not, room service is actually free! But watch out because the pre-packaged items on this menu are not. This would include items like packaged


The parking at the port is not included. When we sailed out of Port Canaveral, FL it was a $75 charge for a 3-night cruise. It gets kinda steep but the good news is there are a lot of off-site options that are much cheaper.

Movie Snacks

Down by the movies theaters on the ship you will find a concession stand will frequently be open. It includes those coveted Disney souvenir popcorn buckets.


This one is a given! But I included this in the list because it’s an important one to factor into your cruise budget. It’s pretty hard to travel and not want to bring back some sort of goodies from your trip.


If you are looking for more information on your next Disney Cruise be sure to read 10 Ways to Save on Your Next Disney Cruise.