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Adopt Loth Cat Plush at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Adopt Loth Cat Plush at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

I will be frank with you I am not a die hard Star Wars fan. When they officially announced the expansion of the parks to include Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge I was happy to see new things coming to the parks but not to the extent I saw many others. I enjoy the Star Wars movies and I go to them on opening day because my husband is the die-hard fan of this relationship. However, I want to share one cool Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge find I did come across the Loth Cat plush! I am often classified as a crazy cat lady so I am sure this comes as no surprise.

What is a Loth Cat?

Honestly, if you were to ask me I would think that a Loth Cat is some invention of Batuu since I never remember it from any of the original Star Wars movies. This is however WRONG! Apparently, the Loth cat was a creature originally shown in the Star Wars Rebels animated series. More recently you can find lots of scenes with a Loth cat if you watch the new Disney+ show Ahsok. If you read this furry guy’s tag it also adds in a few more details about him. 

The Loth Cat is a wild relative to the Tookans who are popular pets on many worlds. They hunt loth-rats in the grasslands of Lothal. They’re small, temperamental creatures, and while at times friendly, are still able hunters with sharp teeth and claws.

I also thoroughly have become hooked on watching the Mandolorian on Disney+. Did you spot that the Loth-Cat also made an appearance in that show? Take a close look at the episode “Capture 4” which by the way so far has been my favorite episode of all! When they reach the new forest planet, Mando with the Child briefly go through a village where they encounter the Loth-cat. In the episode, we see Grogu get a little too close and catch an unfriendly snarl and snapback from the Loth-cat. It’s so quick you may have totally missed it, it’s why you must now go and re-watch the entire series again. This is the way. 

Where to Buy a Loth Cat Plush 

Shelf of Loth Cat Plush

If you would like to adopt your very own Loth cat to bring back to Earth with you be sure to stop in at the creature stall. This adorable furry critter costs $49.99 and is battery-operated. It makes a series of noises depending on how it is touched. 

Video of Sleeping Lot-Cat

Inside the marketplace stalls on Batuu is a gorgeous sleeping Loth cat! Watch the video below to get a peek at this creature. The Loth cat is very reminiscent of my house cats, lazy loaves. Basically, they spend their days sleeping and cuddling up with each other. This Loth cat doesn’t have another cat to snuggle with so it instead has an adorable tiny Porg doll!

Hidden Loth Cats

When visiting Batuu don’t miss out on some not so obvious Loth-cat sightings. When you are in the marketplace area of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge be sure to take a peek at the woodworker’s station. It’s directly across from the bathrooms in this area. How many Loth-cats can you find in the image below?

Adopt Loth Cat Plush at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge 2

Loth-Cat Shirts

Wait, before you go if you are like me saying, but where is the cat tee? No fear! The amazing artists over at TeePublic are here to help out with two adorable space cat designs. 

Adopt Loth Cat Plush at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge 3

Space Cats T-Shirt can be purchased here. This same design is also available as a coffee mug, phone case, stickers and more! 

Adopt Loth Cat Plush at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge 4

Space Kitties to the rescue! If this doesn’t brighten up your day I am not sure what will! You can shop for the tee above here. Plus this one is also available as a coffee mug, phone case, stickers and more!