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5 Reasons Why Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a Toddler Must

5 Reasons Why Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a Toddler Must

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and that means Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! The MVMCP is a must for us and has always been for our family. Even when our kids were infants they napped off and on during the Christmas party and it still is memories we will always cherish. Now that they are both toddlers the memories we create at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are even more special. We attend the Very Merry Christmas Party annually because it’s something our toddlers love more than anything else Disney offers.

It could be the cookies or the Christmas parade, in my opinion, there’s just something about Christmas at Disney that can’t be beaten. I don’t worry about them staying up past their bedtime for this event because there is so much to enjoy that you don’t get to commonly enjoy at the Magic Kingdom they do fantastic staying up late! Here are 5 reasons why Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a toddler-friendly must-attend event.

Cookies, Cocoa, and Cheer

My boys look forward to the complimentary cookies, cocoa, and holiday cheer that is spread throughout the Magic Kingdom each holiday season. At some of the stations we opt for sliced apples as that is an option too; a balance is key to have throughout the party. We let the cocoa cool off a bit while strolling through all the cheer and when it’s slightly warm we let the boys go for it. I can already hear my youngest toddler saying mmmmm after sipping on his Disney Christmas party cocoa. Be sure to look at the schedule and maps for where you can find the cookie and cocoa stations are throughout the theme park and make multiple stops while you stroll.

Snow on Main Street USA

5 Reasons Why Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is a Toddler Must 4

This is hands down the best thing that ever happens at the Magic Kingdom! “Florida snow” falling at Disney World in Orlando it’s a sight to be seen. While the snow is more of a bubble/soap-like type of substance it’s still truly magical. It’s often lovingly referred to as “snoap” (snow soap). My Disney-loving toddlers ask to see the snow multiple times throughout the event. Hearing the crowd ooo and awe when the snow falls puts a smile on my face. Just take a moment to imagine Mainstreet decorated with Holiday Mickey decor and snow falling. This alone will encourage a MVMCP ticket purchase!

Holiday-Themed Dance Party

One year we stumbled upon a polar bear dance party at Cosmic-Ray’s and now we swing by each year. We even danced with elves too! While they host dance parties at that location often, the Christmas party dance party differs a bit. With kids, it is a must-visit at some point during the Christmas party. My toddlers never shy from a Disney dance party! This Disney Mom never shies from a Disney-themed dance party either, especially holiday-themed.

Low Crowds and Little to No Wait Times

Once the park has been officially cleared of non-party guests it’s time to let our toddlers run the town! This is a favorite aspect of the private holiday-themed parties at the Magic Kingdom and with good reason. Crowds during Christmas can get exponentially high, but crowds at the Very Merry Christmas Party are always low even when sold out. Most, if not all of the parties do sell out for this reason so I would suggest getting tickets earlier than later.

Outside of low crowd levels, the ride wait times are little to none. This is when my toddlers get to walk right onto any ride they want (or any ride they are tall enough for). We were at the Magic Kingdom last week and the wait for Peter Pan was 60 minutes and we couldn’t snag a fast pass for it that day. Now when we were at MVMCP we are looking at more of a 10-minute wait with our toddlers. Walking right onto rides while the holiday magic is filling the air is all sorts of wonderful and my toddlers would agree.

The Holiday Parade

5 Reasons Why Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is a Toddler Must 5

This is hands down the parade our toddlers get most excited for. A Disney parade that runs through Mainstreet with Santa at the end is pure magic. My personal favorite part of the Christmas parade is the walking Toy Soldiers. My oldest loves all of it but even recalls the smells. When the Gingerbread men and the floats come by you can smell the holidays and it’s wonderful! My oldest will say “Mom, can you smell that?” The crisp smell of the season, while you’re watching the parade, is a full experience that even toddlers notice and enjoy.

Conclusion on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for Toddlers

There are many more reasons other than the five I listed. However, I will say these are at the top of my list of why Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party is a must for toddlers. These five are enough to encourage a new annual tradition for sure! I can’t wait to create new memories this year at the 2022 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party and maybe even discover a new perk I haven’t noticed before. Will you be sipping free cocoa on Main Street with us this year? For more information on this year’s Christmas party read Guide to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.