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Worst Lines to Wait in at Disney World

Worst Lines to Wait in at Disney World

It seems the number one thing people are always looking to avoid at Disney World is the lines! That’s why we covered on a whole article on how to skip the lines at Disney World. However, there are times when waiting in a line at Disney World is just unavoidable. We want to prepare you for what we think are the worst lines to wait in at Disney World.

These are great rides to Fastpass+ or do first thing in the morning when the line is likely to be a lot shorter. The less time you spend in these lines the better off you will be!

The List of the Worst Lines to Wait in at Disney World


Well, this line makes the list because it’s seriously just a gray box. The line has very little offer other than some gray walls and a few half-hearted group games. Thankfully, Disney recently expanded the capacity on the ride and the wait times for Soarin have significantly dropped.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Why… is it so freaking HOT! It really holds to the story of heading down into the mines with the heat of the line. I have no idea what it is about this queue, but the narrow and tight, never-ending queue line always seems to be hovering around 100 degrees. In the Florida summer heat, this line is just too brutal to bear.

Tomorrowland Speedway

This line is rough because the majority of it is outside, in the hot Florida sun and the whole time you are just inhaling those car fumes. There isn’t much to do while you wait other than stare at your phone or the people who are already on the ride.

Astro Orbiter

This whole ride is just the strangest one at Disney World. First off you wait in a tightly wound queue for an elevator and once on the elevator, you take a ride up above the load area for the People Mover. This is where a space rocket, spinning attraction lives. Astro Orbiters is a basic Dumbo-like ride that spins.

Living with the Land

Fortunately, on this one the line rarely gets long, but when it does there isn’t much too it. The open line is just a corral inside the pavilion which is loud and noisy. The decor is so sparse it’s just limited to a wall mural of quotes. While I love this ride I wish they would revamp the queue.

Rock n Roller Coaster

This line is long and blah. For the outdoor portion of the ride you are simply staring at concrete walls and once inside it really doesn’t improve all that much until you get to the cute little pre-show movie.

Peter Pan’s Flight

This ride has been hurt by the addition of Fastpass+, the standby line is always crawling at a snail’s pace and there isn’t all the much to do while in line. It was a great attempt at improving the ride with the new interactive queue at Peter Pan’s Flight. So skip the wait and get a Fastpass+ plus for this ride if it’s on your must-do list.

So that concludes our list of the worst line to wait in at Disney World. If you encounter any of these rides with a long wait we recommend coming back again later when the line may shorten or try getting a Fastpass for the attractions. For more read our list of the best Fastpasses to pick at each park. We would love to hear from you of the lines you just can’t stand to stand in! Leave your thought in the comment section below : )




Thursday 5th of October 2017

Its sorta like a right of passage for Disney. It reminds me of my childhood, reading the book and watching the movie. I took my two boys on it, ages 7 and 4, and they thought it was cool, but never asked to go on it again. Unlike Snow Whites Mine Train. We try to ride Peter Pans Flight first thing in the morning, then we don't have to waste a Fast Pass.

Peg P

Friday 29th of September 2017

I don't get why Peter Pan's Flight always has such a long line! We watched YouTube videos on that to decide if we wanted to try it (been several times but never had a desire to see it) using a FastPass. Even my 9 year old granddaughter said it looked "boring." I agreed.

WHAT is it about that ride that everyone says is a "must do" but we don't see???? What are we missing when we watch videos of the ride?

Patty Staricha

Friday 29th of September 2017

For me is such a classic of my childhood, the fact that you are flying in a pirate ship looking down on everything around really makes it stand out from the other Fantasyland attractions as well.