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Tips for Spending the Day at a Disney Water Park

Tips for Spending the Day at a Disney Water Park

I think that Disney Water parks get over looked way too often. Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are great stops to make on your Disney World vacation. If you are looking to save some money on theme park tickets replace one of your days with a water park day instead! Especially, if you visit in the hot months (most of the year) you are going to want some pool time! Here are some tips for spending the day at a Disney Water Park!

Go to Disney Water Parks Early

Just like we recommend with the non water parks of Walt Disney World, the early bird gets the worm. Head to the water parks right for park open and avoid waiting in lines. Once noon rolls around both of the water parks get packed and you will find the wait times and the pools are filled up. Get there for open and it’s possible to hit all the rides by lunch and relax in the wave pool and lazy river for a bit.

It’s also good to note that after 3 pm the water parks tend to really thin out again. Especially if the typically afternoon Florida thunder showers hit the area people tend to scatter and not come back. If you decide to ride the storm out you may find yourself with an empty park afterwards.

Scout out your Spot First

Chairs fill up fast at the Disney Water Parks so the first thing you are going to want to do when you head in is find your spot for the day. This is where your stuff, like your cooler and towels, will live for the day.

Take Advantage of PhotoPass

Did you know there are character photo ops at the water parks?! The lines tend to be shorter here and it’s a great way to add some more characters to your photo collection or brag to your friends back home on social media. So don’t skip over the Photopass opportunities at the water parks!

Watch out for Winter Water Park Closings

Every “winter” Disney closes down each of the water parks for a period of time to undergo its yearly maintenance. So if there is one water park you really want to go to be sure to check the refurbishment schedule before your trip.

Rent or Bring a Towel 

If you are used to staying at Disney World Resort than you may make the assumption that towels will be provided. However, they aren’t! You can rent a towel if you choose not to bring your own. If you are staying at a hotel we recommend grabbing a couple of complementary ones from the pool before heading over to your choice of a Disney Water park. This way you can save yourself some money.

Watch out for the Winter Chills

Believe it or not we actually get some pretty cold snaps here in Florida. This tip is really for those that plan on visiting November – February, these are the months that you can really get those chilly days. While the pools are heated at both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, you might not want to spend a 65 degree that at the water park.

Choose a Family Meeting Place

Water and technology really don’t mix all that well. Even with waterproof phones becoming more and more popular odds are you are going to leave your phone in your car or in a rented locker. If your family plans on splitting up make a designated meeting spot and time for you all to meet back at.

Bring the Sunscreen

Between the hot Florida sun and the reflective water, odds are you are going to get burned if you opt to not wear sunscreen. Getting burned could ruin not just your day, but the rest of your vacation! From the fair-skinned girl who has been there you DO NOT want to suffer the pain of a sunburn on a Disney vacation.

Skip the Bikini

If you plan on enjoying the water slides and coasters of Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon skipping the bikini is going to be the best idea. Of course, if wedges and wardrobe malfunctions are your thing then go ahead!

Waterproof Shoes are a Must

The bottom of these pools are rough! I myself have had a run in with the floor of one of these and well I am glad Disney first aid is always there to save the day with bandaids. If you don’t want to tear your feet up on the bottom of the pool or have them burn off on the hot pavement then water shoes is the best route.

Prepare to Spend Time Waiting in Line

There are no Fastpasses in the Disney Water Parks and as a result there is no real way to skip the lines here. The water parks are popular, especially in the summer months when the Florida schools are out. Expect the big slides to get some substantial wait times, the worst of it being the middle of the day.