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Where to Get FREE Water in Disney World

Where to Get FREE Water in Disney World

WDW Vacation Tips is here to show you where to get free water in Disney World to help save your budget and your hydration! Disney World is an amazing and magical place that is where dreams come true. Do you know what else it is? It’s hot. Hotter than hot. The humidity in Florida makes you sweat more than typical heat, and you can dehydrate before you know it. 

It’s super important to drink water all day long, (especially if you’re planning on enjoying some adult beverages). We’re not only going to share where to get your FREE water in Disney World, but we’re also going to rate the flavor of each option. If you haven’t been to Florida before that may seem strange, but if you’re a Disney pro, you get it. “Gator water” is a thing. 

FREE Water in Disney

Nothing is more refreshing than a nice cold glass of water with ice, and the good news, you can get it for FREE all over Walt Disney World. Free ice water in Disney is available at all Quick Service restaurants and snack stands with fountain beverage machines. 

Free ice water is served in small 10 oz. cups that are open with no lids. They are unlimited and guests can get as much as they need. 

Disney World Water Rating: 4 Stars

Because the water is served ice cold, it has almost no flavor, which trust us, is a really good thing. Maybe it’s because it’s so hot that it tastes so refreshing and neutral. It could also be because it’s one of the only free things in Walt Disney World, and that is delicious. 

What is a Quick Service Restaurant in Disney?

A quick service restaurant in Disney World refers to a dining establishment that offers fast and convenient food service, typically with counter ordering and self-seating. These restaurants are designed to provide guests with efficient and satisfying meals without the need for a formal reservation or extended wait times. Quick service restaurants in Disney World offer a diverse range of cuisine, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. Guests can choose from a selection of grab-and-go options, such as sandwiches, salads, burgers, and snacks, allowing them to refuel and continue their magical journey through the parks without interrupting their adventure.

Quick Service is Disney speak for “fast food” in Disney World. Basically, if you don’t have a server, then it’s likely a Quick Service restaurant. 

How Do You Get Free Water in Disney?

To get one of the cups of free water in Disney loaded with ice you can either wait in line at any quick service restaurant or you can request it from the Cast Member at the counter when you pick up your Mobile Order. 

Cast Members keep a supply of the free ice water ready and available to serve, so there is little to no wait for it! 

What is a Benefit of the FREE Water in Disney Besides Cost?

Frankly, when we do Disney, we like to travel light. We’re not the type to load down with backpacks and gear, unless it’s a cute Loungefly! The free water in Disney being so readily available allows us to not have to carry bottles around, so we can just enjoy the day! 

Can You Get Free Ice Water at Snack Stands?

Yes! And no! Each snack stand is a little different. Snack stands that sell bottled soda and water will not have free ice water available. Only snack stands that have the beverage fountains with ice makers will offer ice water to guests. 

Is There a Limit to How Many Ice Waters They Can Request?

Absolutely not. Cast Members will not judge you if you request 20 cups of free water in Disney. They will be more concerned about how you are carrying it away from their counter. 

Seriously, there are a number of people who get ill everyday in Walt Disney World from heat related injuries, so Cast Members will do anything necessary to help you stay comfortable and safe to have the best day ever. 

More Water Options! 

It’s important to know all of the places in Walt Disney World to get the wet stuff. Water is bountiful in the parks and there are plenty of options, so you can use our guide to help you choose the best options for you.

Water Fountains in Disney World

Where to Get FREE Water in Disney World 2

Water fountains are everywhere in Disney World for guests to use as they need them. Some are even designed to better match the area and land where they are! Most fountains are stationed outside of restrooms throughout the parks, so you are never far away. 


Did you know that there were no working water fountains on the opening day of Disneyland in 1955? Imagineers were rushing to complete everything to be finished on time, and in the end, it just wasn’t possible to have everything completed. 

Walt Disney was told by the engineers that they did not have enough time to complete all of the plumbing, so he had to choose between water fountains and bathrooms. Walt realized that people could buy Coca-Cola, which was a sponsor of Disneyland already, but they would need restroom facilities. 

Disneyland faced a lot of backlash because of this decision because many guests felt like the lack of drinking fountains made them feel strong-armed to spend money on Coke products. 

Water Rating: 1 Star

Y’all. It’s rough. When you drink it in the good old fashioned way straight from the fountain you are tasting warm swampy water that tastes like a gator just got done with a pedicure in it. This is by far the worst tasting option to hydrate in Disney World. 

BUT! You can make it better. 

How to Make Water Fountain Water Taste Better in Disney World

Two words are the key to making the free water in Disney from the water fountains taste better in Disney World: Water. Bottle. Bring in your own water bottle to refill so you can control ways to improve the taste. 

Here are 3 of our favorite ways to improve the flavor of the Florida water:

  1. Flavor Packets
    Flavor packets like: LMNT, Liquid IV, Crystal Light, Propel, or Kool-Aid add a burst of flavor that not only makes the overall flavor so much better, it actually helps you stay hydrated. You are more likely to keep sipping and drinking when the flavor goes from neutral to delicious.

    If you have already started an Amazon list of essentials, check out hydration salts (Remonds ReLyte is my favorite!) that you can add to your free water in Disney to help you stay hydrated and healthy!
  2. Quality Hydro Flask and Ice
    Not all water bottles are created equal. A quality hydro flask like a Yeti will keep cold and keep ice for hours upon hours! NOTE: Disney does not allow loose ice in coolers, but it’s perfectly fine to have ice in your cup with a lid. 

READ MORE: Where to find the water refill stations in Disney World

  1. Charcoal Filters
    This may be a bit dramatic, but if you just cannot get over the taste, you can invest in charcoal filter straws that will filter everything so the water will taste neutral. We say this is a drama llama step since those straws were invented for survival situations where you could drink dirty untreated water and not get sick. 

Free water in Disney may not always taste great, but it is treated and safe to drink. 

Purchase Water Bottles

Disney has a sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola Products, so the only water available to purchase is Dasani water. Dasani water bottles are available to purchase nice and cold at all snack carts and quick service locations, including places that give away the free ice water. 

Water costs between $4 – $5 in the parks, but if you have any discounts from an Annual Pass or DVC, you can use your discounts on bottled water in merchandise shops. 

Flavor Rating: 3 Stars

I know what you’re thinking… How did you rate the ice water better than bottled water? Remember, the ice water is colder than cold, so it tastes like nothing. Purchased bottled water will be cold, but not iced. And we don’t want to hate on Coca-Cola, but Dasani is probably the worst bottled water brand. It’s basically decent tap water. Change our minds…

Bring Your Own Water

how to picnic with toddlers at disney

Disney World has everything a guest may need during their vacation available to purchase, but they also allow guests to bring what they need. You are more than welcome to bring water in so you can save tons of money! 

You could purchase a case of water delivered to your resort for less than you can purchase one bottle in the parks. 

While we’re on the subject, despite what you may think, you can bring in all kinds of food and drinks in the Disney Parks. Pack a lunch, a picnic, snacks, or nothing at all. There are only a few rules when it comes to bringing in food to the parks:

  1. No alcohol
  2. No glass
  3. No loose ice (Don’t ask why, we have no clue)

Flavor Rating: 5 Stars

Bringing in your own bottled water is the best option for water snobs, and we feel like it tastes the best because we got to choose the brand AND we saved a bunch of money doing it.