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Where to Find the Best Ice Cream at Epcot

Where to Find the Best Ice Cream at Epcot

When you think about all the tasty treats you can find at Walt Disney World, ice cream is one that often ranks high. Luckily, Epcot has some of the best ice cream treats on property! Keep reading to see where you can find the best ice cream at Epcot. 

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L’Artisan des Glaces

A list about where to find the best ice cream at Epcot deserves to have L’Artisan des Glaces as one of the first mentions. 

Located in the France pavilion of the World Showcase, L’Artisan des Glaces offers not only wonderful ice cream flavors but variations so you can enjoy your tasty snack any way you’d like. 

Priced at $14.99 and under, the menu at L’Artisan des Glaces includes single and double scoops of the following ice cream flavors: 

  • Caramel Fleur 
  • Chocolate
  • Mint-Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Yogurt & Blueberry 
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon Caramel Apple
  • Coconut-White Chocolate
  • Caramelized Pecan
  • Candied Peanuts with Chocolate Peanut Fudge

They also include several flavorful, colorful sorbets in pina colada, raspberry, mango, and strawberry. 

In addition to the ice cream and sorbet scoops, you can also get your choice of a macaron ice cream sandwich ($7.00), Coupe du Dimanche (waffle bowl for $9.95), Cafe Glace (cappuccino with a scoop of ice cream for $8.50), Croque Glace (a scoop of ice cream in a homemade brioche for $9.50), or an ice cream martini with two scoops of ice cream and a shot of whipped cream vodka, rum, or Grand Marnier for $14.95. 

The ice cream martinis are one of the most popular items on their menu. I recommend a scoop of coconut white chocolate with whipped cream vodka or the pina colada sorbet with a shot of rum. 

Both are delicious….but be warned, they can be a bit on the strong side, so I’d let the ice cream melt into the drink a little first before consuming. 

Sunshine Seasons

Leaving the World Showcase and heading over to the Land pavilion, we now visit Sunshine Seasons. 

Though this is your average quick-service location featuring sandwiches, fresh salads, pizza rolls, and chicken, what makes them truly special is their Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse Cup. 

Available for $5.29, this is a plant-based ice cream snack and one of the only ones on Disney property. So if you are lactose intolerant or vegetarian, this is the best spot to find a treat that’s suitable to your diet but also one that tastes good, too. 

La Cantina de San Angel 

Located to the right as soon as you enter the Mexico pavilion is La Cantina de San Angel – one of my personal favorite quick service spots in Epcot!

Not only is everything on the menu moderately priced at $14.99 or under, but their items always hit the spot, regardless of whether it’s an ice-cold, refreshing Frozen Lime Margarita, or their chicken tacos. 

But why I love it is that they also sell Churro Sundaes. Priced at $7.99, you get some tasty ice cream with a dash of cinnamon from the churros. The combination is a match made in heaven. But that’s not the only type of ice cream they carry!

La Cantina de San Angel also sells those famous Mickey Ice Cream sandwiches! Sure, these aren’t a specialty, but these are some of the most iconic snacks in all of Disney World. And, since everything here is so good, it’s the perfect spot to grab a drink and ice cream snack. This iconic snack will cost you $5.40. 

La Hacienda de San Angel 

Situated right next door to La Cantina de San Angel is La Hacienda de San Angel, one of two restaurants offered in the Mexico pavilion. 

This waterfront restaurant has a delightful menu that includes two of the most unique ice cream flavors at Epcot: Helado con Churros and Sweet Corn Ice Cream. 

You’re likely wondering what the Sweet Corn Ice Cream tastes like and the best way to describe it as a really sweet vanilla, rather than biting into a can of creamed corn. It’s surprisingly refreshing, too! It’s available for $9.00, while the Helado con Churros, which is dulce de leche ice cream with churros is $11.00. 

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Gelateria Toscana

Taking a few steps over to the Italy pavilion, you’ll find Geleteria Toscana. Here, you’ll find a whole new world of gelati flavors, including: 

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Stracciatella (chocolate chip) 
  • Pistachio
  • Amerena Cherry 

This quick service location also offers a flavor of the month, which varies, as well as an assortment of sorbet flavors such as strawberry and lemon. Sorbet and gelati will cost you between $8.50 – $9.25 depending on whether you order your scoop or two in a cup of waffle cone. 

What helps Gelateria Toscana stand out, in my opinion, are the toppings. Available for $1.00 each, you can top your dessert with marshmallows, espresso beans, pizzelle or amaretto cookies, and chocolate sprinkles. You can even get a Coca-Cola and root beer-based float or a unique gelati creation. 

These creations feature: 

  • Coppa Amarena (vanilla and Amarena cherry gelati with whipped cream, amaretto cookies, and shaved chocolate) 
  • Coppa Del Nonno (vanilla, cookies and cream, and chocolate gelati with chocolate sauce, amaretto cookies, and whipped cream)
  • “Affogato” Espresso (fresh espresso poured over vanilla gelato topped with amaretto cookies)
  • “Affogato” Al Cioccolato (hot chocolate poured over vanilla gelato and topped with whipped cream and a pizzelle cookie)

Each creation costs $12.75, but trust me when I say they’re so worth it after you wrap up dinner. Sono Deliziosi. 

Crepes A Emporter by La Creperie de Paris

As one of the newer entries on this list of where to find the best ice cream at Epcot, Crepes A Emporter by La Creperie de Paris sells…well, crepes. But some of these crepes have ice cream in them, which is why they make our list. 

Here, you can order a sweet crepe filled with either vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Or, if you just want ice cream and skip the crepe, you can. Just order a cup of chocolate, vanilla, or swirl for $6.96. 

Fife & Drum Tavern 

If there are any turkey leg lovers in your travel party, then this is where they can go to get one. 

Located in the America pavilion, Fife & Drum Tavern is a quick service location in Epcot that not only serves those iconic turkey legs, but vanilla, chocolate, and swirl soft serve, too. The ice cream is served in a crunchy waffle cone and costs $6.50. 

That’s not all though! Fife & Drum Tavern also sells ice cream floats, like the Half Note Float, Barq’s Root Beer Float, and the American Dream. Each of these floats has a vanilla ice cream base and cost between $6.25 – $6.75. 

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Funnel Cakes

Where to Find the Best Ice Cream at Epcot 4

Staying in the America pavilion, you can also visit the Funnel Cakes quick service location. As the name suggests, they specialize in variations of funnel cakes, including one that’s topped with vanilla ice cream. It’s available for $13.50. 

You can even buy a funnel cake kit here for $21.00 and bring it home to top with any ice cream of your choosing. 

Lotus Blossom Cafe

At the Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China pavilion, you’ll find two severely underrated ice creams: Lychee Ice Cream and Caramel-Ginger Ice Cream. 

These unique flavors are very affordable at only $3.95. If you haven’t tried them yet, you likely have questions about what they taste like. 

The Lychee ice cream is pretty sweet. It tastes similar to a strawberry with citrusy notes, whereas the caramel ginger has a weird spicy-sweet flavor to it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak, but if you’re an adventurous eater like me, it’s worth the try. 

The Refreshment Outpost

The Refreshment Outpost isn’t in a particular country in the World Showcase. Rather, it sits between the China and Germany pavilions, representing Africa. But I do wish it would be expanded to be its own country!

This small quick service location serves basic snacks like hot dogs, bottled water, fountain beverages, beer, and you guessed it – ice cream. You can soft-serve ice cream in a waffle cone for $6.50. 

This isn’t one of the most exciting spots to get some ice cream, but it usually never has a long line, so you can get food quickly and move on to exploring the rest of the World Showcase.

Final Food for Thought

Epcot is known for its food and the ice cream you’ll find here is no different. Whether you want to slurp your ice cream soaked in a shot of rum or eat straight from the cup, there are plenty of affordable offerings scattered throughout Epcot. 

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best ice cream at Epcot. What’s your favorite ice cream spot at Epcot? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear what you think! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for all the latest Disney tips, tricks, and trivia.