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What NOT to Pack for Disney World

What NOT to Pack for Disney World

I will be the first to raise my hand and admit that I over pack for just about every vacation we go on. I almost immediately regret it as I have to drag my suitcases across the airport and then afterward to the hotel. Hopefully, one day I will learn. These days I know more and more of you are looking to cut back as most airlines charge for not only checked bags but also carry-ons?!?! Here are some things you can skip packing and save yourself a little money if you are flying to Disney World. This is because Disney has them available to you once you arrive. Without further ado here is what NOT to Pack for Disney World.

Bug Spray

In extra caution around the Zika virus, Disney has added stations of bug spray throughout the Disney World parks and resorts. Just look for a blue-green sign posted or ask the nearest cast member. The insect repellent is complimentary for Guests and Cast Members so skip packing this item.

When we stayed on property we also discovered a can of bug spray in our bathroom for us to use!

Hair Dryer

If you are staying a Disney World resort no need to worry about a hairdryer. Every room is equipped with one and this should save you a ton of room in that luggage. If you are staying off property check the hotel website to see if one is included. A hairdryer is a pretty common staple in most hotels these days I would be surprised to hear if you had to bring one.

Books and Magazines

You’re on vacation at the most magical place on earth!! There is no time for reading here! It’s not that you can’t find time to read by the pool at the resort, it’s just that odds are this won’t be the case. If you do want to make time for reading take your Kindle or iPad loaded up with some ebooks and save yourself the room in your luggage.

Shampoo and Soap

Skip your normal soap and use Mickey’s instead. All Disney World hotels provide you with H20 toiletries. This includes a bar soap and a bottle of shampoo with conditioner. There is so much of a cult following around these bath products that you can actually buy the full-size version in the gift shop. If you need a restock when you get home you can even order the different Disney scents at Every trip I try to get as much soap and shampoo so I can bring a piece of Disney back home.


No need to worry about towels at Disney World. The resorts provide them for you in your bathroom and by the pool. So leave the bulky towels at home.


Blisters and boo-boos are a concern for every family heading on vacation. This is Disney World after all, you are going to be really putting those walking miles in! One thing most people don’t realize is that the first aid centers in each park will give you band-aids for FREE! All you have to do is go in and ask for them.

An Outfit for Each Day

Clothing probably is taking up the most room in your suitcase. If you are smart you will avoid packing a separate outfit for each day of your trip. Odds are you are going to pick up a souvenir shirt or four during your trip and if you are like me you will feel as though you must instantly wear it.

Also if you are visiting during the winter months and bringing jeans you won’t need a new pair for every day of your trip. You should have no issue re-wearing jeans a second day. I know it may be hard but try to stick to one or two pairs at most. Mix in lightweight bottoms like linen pants, leggings, or khakis.

So there you have it, our things you can skip packing and lighten up your load. If you would like an idea of what to pack you can read our list of what to buy before your Disney World vacation and then get our FREE Disney packing list.


What not to pack for disney world


Friday 26th of January 2018

Yes, yes, 1000x yes! My last trip to WDW I brought home about 12 or so H20 soaps because, why not? Also, I think I'm up to 2 weeks worth of Disney t-shirts/sweaters :) It's like you read my mind when writing this post!