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Tusker House Dinner Review

Tusker House Dinner Review

Tucked off to the side in Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you will find a restaurant called Tusker House. This character dining experience offers you an all you care to enjoy a family-style meal. If you have eaten at the Tusker House in the past this may sound a little different as it used to be a buffet.

Tusker House Quick Facts

  • Service: Table Service, Family Style
  • Type of Food: Steak, Chicken, Shrimp
  • Price: $$$$
  • Location: Animal Kingdom
  • Disney Dining Plan: Yes, 1 Credit
  • Discounts: Tables in Wonderland, Annual Passholder, DVC
  • Features: Character Dining, Safari Theming
  • Good For: Character Dining, Adventurous Eaters
  • Menu: Official Disney Menu

Tusker House Pricing

Both lunch and dinner cost $55 per adult and $36 per child. Classic Disney characters do still appear at both meals but remain physically distanced.

A Look Around Tusker House

Not much has changed with the theming here at Tusker House it’s still packed with a ton of hidden details just waiting for you to uncover.

Now let’s back up first to look at the check-in process for Tusker House. As I mentioned previously you will want to head to Africa in the back of Animal Kingdom. Look for the sign above indicating the entrance to Tusker House. It’s just before the Festival of Lion King and Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Tusker House Dinner Review 4

You can check-in at the desk located right next to the bar or you can opt to check in on your phone about 10 minutes prior to your reservation. In either case, once your table is ready you will receive a text message. If you want to use your phone to check-in you can use the QR codes they have posted by the check-in podiums.

Tusker House Dinner Review 5

There are several rooms inside of Tusker House but this one is my favorite. It’s modeled to look like you are eating in an African open-air market, be sure to look up if you end up inside this room.

Tusker House Menu Items

Now let’s dig into all the food served up at Tusker House. Remember, this is a family-style meal so all these options below are included in the price and will be brought to your table throughout the course of your meal.

Assorted House-Made Breads

Tusker House Dinner Review 6

First up is Assorted House-made Bread. This dish was a bit confusing to me. First, there was the crunchy pappadam which made perfect sense as it’s something I have had over at Sanaa before. What seemed out of place were the pairing of classic dinner rolls. It’s not a good match for the sauces that are brought out on this plate but I will admit it’s the perfect selection for any picky eaters that may be in your party.

The three accompanying sauces are also found over at Sanaa with their bread service. In the back is a red pepper hummus, mango chutney is in the middle and upfront is a coriander sauce.

African Inspired Salad

Tusker House Dinner Review 7

The salad was Kachumbari and Arcadian Green Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing. It doesn’t look like anything all too special but this was a surprise favorite of the table. My husband doesn’t normally rave about a salad but this one he did.

It’s the dish of pickled onions, cucumber, and tomatoes that made the salad. I wish we had thought to ask for more of just that, it was that good!

Moroccan-Spiced Beef

Tusker House Dinner Review 8

Now let’s take a look at the main entrees of the night. First is the beef which was a flank steak cut topped with the coriander sauce that came out with the bread. It was full of flavor and not over cooked.

Spit Roasted Herb Chicken

Just like rotisseries chicken this was flavorful and not dried out. This was my favorite of all the meats we were served. You can see the chicken pictured next to the steak in the image above.

Berber Marinated Pork

The pork was good but it definitely didn’t wow. This item looking back was pretty forgotten about. It just didn’t carry any excitement to make you want to talk about it or ask for seconds.

Cape Malay Green Curry Shrimp

Tusker House Dinner Review 9

The dish came out and look pretty bland but I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this one. It was a light curry flavor and the shrimp could not have been cooked more perfectly.

Housemade Macaroni and Cheese

Tusker House Dinner Review 10

Our waiter warned us the mac and cheese was gonna be a win and it sure was. I actually thought it had vibes of the Panera mac and cheese just with a different shape of pasta. My husband wasn’t as thrilled with this mac and cheese I could have eaten the whole bowl on the other hand.

Veggies and Sides

On your main platter, you also get a few accompanying sides. You will get green beans with carrots and corn, roasted potatoes, and jasmine rice.

Vanilla Safari Cupcake

Tusker House Dinner Review 11

This is an all vanilla cupcake that comes complete with safari Mickey Ears made out of white chocolate. I thought this was a pretty boring option but I was surprised to find this was my husband’s favorite of the trio.

Bee Cake

Tusker House Dinner Review 12

This adorable dessert was a chocolate-layer cake that has honey icing. It was my favorite out of the trio. The frosting wasn’t overly sweet and the cake wasn’t dried out.

Tree of Life Brownie

Tusker House Dinner Review 13

This fudge brownie was giant! Rich in chocolate and topped with matcha puffs this brownie makes a statement.

Characters at Tusker House

There are four different characters on rotation here at Tusker House. Throughout your meal, you should get at least one visit from Mickey, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald. Of course, all characters are dressed head to toe in their safari gear!

The characters appear in phases throughout the meal. For us, first, it was just Mickey and Goofy, and then later was Daisy and Donald. They come for pictures in every room and interact with each table. Before they go away they have a song and cute little dance that they do again in every section of the restaurant.

Of course, before you leave make sure you get your pre-signed autograph card. The characters here will not sign autograph books.

Mickey Mouse

Tusker House Dinner Review 14

The boss man and star of the show is ready to head out on a safari. Mickey is the only one who has an accessory, a water canteen.


Tusker House Dinner Review 15

It always surprises me just how tall Goofy is! Of course, just like the rest of the crew, Goofy is in a Safari outfit complete with matching shorts.

Donald Duck

Tusker House Dinner Review 16

Donald is dressed in a traditional safari outfit! I love the touch of the badges they added to his jacket.

Daisy Duck

Tusker House Dinner Review 17

The always glamorous Daisy Duck. Daisy has a safari hat complete with a matching safari outfit. My favorite is the matching scarf and bangle set.

Conclusion on Tusker House

Lots of big changes have happened at Tusker House. It transitioned from a buffet to a family-style meal with more limited options. I still really enjoyed the food here despite the pairing down of the options. I also think there is a good balance of options here for those who are less adventurous eaters.

Have you dined at Tusker House? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Be sure to share your favorite dish with us as well! Any questions we can help you answer? Just let us know in the comment section below.

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