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Things to Make for your Disney World Trip

Things to Make for your Disney World Trip

Working on some DIY projects for your Disney World vacation can be a great way to pass the days counting down for your next trip! Plus, it’s also a great way to make that trip a ton of fun a little easier to tackle. Not to mention, those long days in the sun can always be smoother with a few DIY ideas as well! So, scroll on through these DIY items to make for your Disney World trip.

Disney Vacation Purse Tutorial


This purse is the perfect size to pack your park essentials and show off your pins at the same time. If you are trading pins during your vacation take a look at making this park pack. Plus, we all know we pick up a ton of stuff at Disney World. You can run out of hands and space if you’re not careful. Having this handy pack is not only cute and makes it more personal for your trip but, is also nice for carrying all those extra items and maybe even giving mom’s purse a break.

No Sew Disney Hair Bow Tutorial

DIY Frozen Elsa Bow


These are great for Mickey or Minnie ears or even on your Disney hats or visors. Really, being able to make your own Disney bows will be handy for too many things to list. Plus, they’re super cute! The great thing about these is that they’re amazing for any time of the year and can be adorable for outfits outside of going to Disney.

Disney Goodie Bags

Going on a Disney trip is such a fun time, why not make it even more fun by making these goodie bags??? You can adjust these to fit whatever age or ideas you might have. However, once you jump in the car or before walking in the gates, hand out the goodie bags, however, you want to time it.

Make Your Own Disney T-Shirt

There are countless DIY Disney t-shirts you can make. You can check out my post HERE for some ideas. Some other fun DIY ideas are linked below! Just remember that these are base ideas and you can change them up to make your own Disney shirt look!

DIY Autograph Book or Pages

Things to Make for your Disney World Trip 7


One of the most fun parts of going to Disney World is getting to meet all your favorite characters. Of course, this means you just have to get their autographs. You don’t want these autographs in just any book or just on a random piece of paper. This calls for a special book or autograph item. Below are a few adorable DIY ideas for collecting those sought after autographs. Or you can read our list of Creative Ways to Collect Disney Character Autographs.

DIY Personalized Magic Bands

Things to Make for your Disney World Trip 8

If you’re an avid Disney World goer, you know that Magic Bands are a lifeline of sorts. You want to hang on to those bands and maybe personalize it to make it your own! Use these Magic Band DIY ideas to get those gears turning on some ways to personalize your own band. You could just make it exactly like the post too!

DIY Countdown

One of the hardest parts about any Disney World trip is the countdown period. A really fun way to tackle this portion of time before the trip is to make your own fun way of counting down the time. Here are a couple of fun DIY ways to count down the time until your trip!

Other Things to Make or Use for Your Trip

Things to Make for your Disney World Trip 9

There are so many other DIY ideas you can use for your trip. Here are a few links below that I think are amazing and super useful for a Disney trip! For one, check out my list of DIY Minnie Mouse ears HERE that you’re sure to love. Besides that, check out the other fun ideas below. Don’t stop here, there are so many more fun DIY posts across the internet that will only add a ton of excitement to your trip!