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Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears

Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears

One of the most fun things to do before visiting Disney World is getting your mouse ears ready to go! Of course, many of us like to get a pair while we’re there. However, it can be a blast to make your own unique pair in order to stand out from the rest of the park goers. If you want to take a swing at making your own DIY Minnie Ears for your Disney World adventure, here are some great ideas to get you started!

No Sew Snow White Minnie Ears

No Sew Snow White Ears

No worries if you don’t know how to sew, these Minnie ears are super easy to make. Not to mention, they’re unique and no one will have the exact same pair as you or the kids. This adorable Snow White theme is perfect for a girl who just loves those seven dwarfs and wishes she could be a Snow White too! For all the instructions head here

Princess Jasmine Minnie Ears

Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears 15

Princess Jasmine isn’t given enough credit or focus, in my opinion. With the new Aladdin movie out, now is the perfect time to make this set of Jasmine themed Minnie Ears for you and your little ones! They take little effort and the sparkle is sure to make any person jealous of your unique Minnie ears. The full instructions are located here

Bling Minnie Ears

Bling Minnie Mouse Ears

These Minnie Mouse ears are perfect for any birthday girl. However, they’re also perfect for a fun adventure at Disney World! Stand out and show off these adorable blingy ears that are unlike anyone else’s! You’re sure to get a lot of people asking where you found them! For the DIY insight head over here

Lilo Minnie Ears

Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears 16

Lilo and Stitch was an adorable Disney film that seems to get lost among all the more popular princesses Disney has to offer. However, Lilo is one of my favorite Disney characters because she’s not a conventional princess and exhibits qualities I think many young girls could learn from these days. Either way, these Lilo themed Minnie ears are going to remind those who see them just how much they loved that movie as well. Show off your unique ears when you go to Disney World!

Floral Wire Minnie Ears – A Wonderful Thought

Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears 17

Break away from those traditional black, based Minnie ears and try out this floral wire version! These are absolutely gorgeous and are definitely a great match for an adorable dress or a way to stand out. If you want detailed step by instruction head over to A Wonderful Thought

Sequin Minnie Ears

Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears 18

You can’t get any better than sequins all over for your Minnie ears! The sun will catch them perfectly and make them shimmer so you’ll be glimmering all over Disney World! These are a lot like those rose gold Minnie ears you can find at the Disney stores. Instead of being limited to the rose gold color, why not make your own color, bow style, etc.!

Princess Leia Minnie Ears

Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears 19

Who doesn’t want to be the best Princess in the galaxy, Princess Leia? She has been a popular princess for decades and now, reenters the scene with some updated content from Disney. This is the perfect time to make some adorable Princess Leia ears with that classic braid pigtails!

Enchanted Roses Minnie Ears

Beauty and Beast ears

These are perhaps the most gorgeous and unique Minnie ears I have ever seen. I’ve never seen such pretty ears and people will be so envious of your unique ears that can’t just be picked up at the Disney store. These are much easier to make than they look and they’re well worth the effort since they will make you stand out in the crowd.

Minnie Ears Hat With Interchangeable Bows

Make Your Own DIY Minnie Ears 20

Have you ever wanted to change up your look or color on your ears to match your outfit? Especially if you’re going more than one day, you don’t want to wear the same pair of ears. Even though you can buy multiple sets of ears, having a pair of ears where you can simply switch out the bow and style is so much easier.

If you’re like me, you absolutely love your Minnie Mouse ears and it’s one of the special parts of getting to visit Disney World. Of course, I like to go all out and match my outfits to my ears, etc. There are so many different magical aspects to visiting Disney World, add another one by making it a tradition to make your own ears!