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Best Mickey Shaped Treats at Disney World

Best Mickey Shaped Treats at Disney World

My mouth is already watering, Disney fans. I’m a Mickey shaped treat connoisseur; if it has a Mickey shape I’ve probably tackled it. Disney World offers a wide variety of popular treats and there’s a thrill behind finding and trying those Mickey shaped treats. Mickey shaped treats at Disney World are like an extra surprise you didn’t necessarily expect or that extra dose of magic you hoped to see.

I can recall the first time my boys got their own kids breakfast plate at Disney World and when those tiny Mickey shaped waffles showed up the smiles and joy was contagious. Mickey tends to excite us Disney fans and there’s just something so special about food shaped just like the magical mouse that started it all. Here are the best Mickey-shaped treats at Disney World, or at least my favorites. 

Mickey Waffles 

Mickey Shaped Waffle

Oh, the iconic Mickey shaped waffles! These might be the most amazing smelling things on the entire earth. You can smell them from a mile away, I’m sure of it. These might top the list for the most popular Mickey-shaped treat at Disney World and rightfully so. I’ve tried many of waffles in my life and nothing beats the taste of these magical breakfast treats. I dare you to only have just one. 

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Mickey ice cream bars were made for Florida. Okay, maybe that isn’t a fact but I’m going with it. The cute Mickey ice cream bars are ideal for those hot days and they’re a perfect size. Located at almost every corner you can grab an ice cream bar near ride lines, on the street in the parks, or even in the stores. They look adorable when photographed with Disney scenery in the background too. 

Mickey Chocolate Covered Apple 

Best Mickey Shaped Treats at Disney World 1

When at the Magic Kingdom, the Confectionary on Main Street USA and Big Top Treats are two of my go-to locations for chocolate covered apples. You can find these huge Mickey-shaped treats at multiple locations and in a variety of color options too. These are perfect shareable treats too! I’ve spotted them in Starbucks in Hollywood Studios too, so be on the lookout everywhere for them. 

Mickey Pretzel 

Best Mickey Shaped Treats at Disney World 2

If having a pretzel the size of your face is wrong then I don’t want to be right. The shareable Mickey-shaped pretzel is high up there on the list along with Mickey-shaped waffles as one of the iconic Disney World treats you just have to get! Some of my favorite Disney memories involve a shared Mickey-shaped pretzel on the hub grass in the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Best Mickey Shaped Treats at Disney World 3

This is my toddler’s favorite Mickey-shaped treat. These are the perfect size for a quick, simple, and easy snack because they’re on the smaller side. These are such a favorite of ours we have bought them during the colder months here in Florida. Like the other Mickey-shaped ice cream treat these can be found throughout the parks, be on the lookout for the ice cream carts. 

Mickey Krispie Treats 

Another one of our go-to treats found at multiple locations and most popularly at MainStreet Confectionary. Just like the chocolate covered apple, it comes in a variety of color and style patterns. We tend to buy this one at Disney Springs Goofy’s Candy Company as we wrap up our Disney Spring visits. 

Mickey Macaron 

Found at Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs these are one of the fancier Mickey-shaped treats available at Disney World. Not only is it beautiful and Mickey-shaped, but it’s also delicious and one of the prettiest things to photograph at Disney World. Be sure to take a handful of photos before enjoying this treat! 

Mickey Beignets

Best Mickey Shaped Treats at Disney World 4

This is hands down my personal favorite Mickey shaped treat in all of Disney World. You can find these delicious treats at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory at Port Orleans French Quarter resort at Disney World. I experienced these divine treats before they were converted into the Mickey shape and was in New Orleans meets Disney heaven. You can order these in a variety of quantities and with dipping sauces if you so chose. This is one of the best Mickey-shaped treats you can get your hands on, I promise that.  

There might be a Mickey-shaped treat or two I’ve missed on the list, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some love it just means it isn’t one I eat on that often. What is your favorite Mickey-shaped treat at Disney World or which one are you eager to try most? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below. If I could make just one recommendation it would be to try more than one during your next Disney World visit because they are truly that magical! 

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