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Things to Pack for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Things to Pack for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

If you have booked my favorite party of the year than you are probably wondering what things you should pack for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a special separately ticketed event that happens at the Magic Kingdom every fall. It includes special treats, characters, fireworks and did I mention loads of free candy? For more general information on the party read Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Guide.

A Halloween Costume

A Halloween costume is a must for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! If you are not interested in dress up at least go for a festive Halloween shirt or maybe some festive ears. I have found in my years of attending the party the characters have so much more fun with you and make your experience more special when in costume. We have some Disney costume inspiration for you here and kids costumes here.

A Plan for your Night

There is so much to do at Mickey’s Not So Scary that unfortunately, you won’t be able to fit it in all in one night. Ahead of the party take a look at the various activities offered at Mickey’s Not So Scary and plan out what you want to do when. Looking for some advice? Read our article on tips and tricks for going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Rain Gear (It’s Florida After All)

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party falls in September and October and those are still rainy months for us here in Orlando, Florida. Be sure to check the forecast before you head to the parks for the night. Remember that the party happens rain or shine, no refunds. We recommend always packing a poncho with you ahead of time you just never know how to the Florida weather is going to turn out!

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A Loot Bag

The amount of candy you can snag at this party is truly outrageous! If you plan on collecting up all the candy you can eat we recommend bringing along a backpack with you. It’s more comfortable than carrying around those little plastic bags Disney gives you to trick or treat with plus we find it allows you to bring more candy home with you. Not one for trick or treating? We recommend still having a backpack as a backup for your change of clothes. It can still be really hot during most party dates and sometimes it gets to be too much wearing a hot costume all night you will most likely want to change. If you are lucky enough to get perfect weather the night you visit, you definitely made out.

Light up the Night!

The majority of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party happens in the dark at night so why not bring some fun stuff along to help light up the party? Stop by the Dollar Store before your trip they have loads of glow sticks or bring along some souvenirs from previous trips like Glow with the Show Ears. If you like you can pick up a jumbo pack (100 Glowsticks) for a killer price over on Amazon. It just adds something extra special to the night plus it can get pretty dark out there! Pro Tip: Add a special combo of glowsticks to your stroller to find it in the crowd of stroller parking.

A Well Rested Family

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party doesn’t kick into full gear until 7 pm and lasts until the stroke of midnight, which is late for a lot of younger guests. If you are bringing little ones to the party with you be sure to get a good afternoon nap before the party. If your kids aren’t nappers at least get some time in relaxing at the resort in the afternoon. Escape the heat and watch a movie in your hotel room or shut your eyes by the quite pool at your resort.

What do you bring with you to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Let us know and be sure to use #wdwvacationtips!

Fast Facts for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2019

  • Choose from 36 nights of spooky Mickey fun
  • Official party hours are from 7 pm to midnight but you can enter the park with your ticket as early as 4 pm
  • You can purchase an additional ticket to a special dessert party that ONLY takes place during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
  • Party guests can make dinner reservations for Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table and Crystal Palace

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