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The Void – Virtual Reality Experience at Disney Springs

The Void – Virtual Reality Experience at Disney Springs

Since last December when the Void – Star Wars Secrets of the Empire opened at Disney Springs, I began secretly plotting my son’s ultimate 10th birthday present.  It is no surprise we are HUGE Star Wars fanatics. It was so hard not whispering a word of this new attraction for nine months to keep it a secret (I am TERRIBLE at not spilling the beans LOL).  The reason for the secrecy was really to avoid heartbreak. Guests must be at least 10 years old and 48 inches tall to participate. My son would have been devastated because he is an avid gamer and Star Wars superfan (he is our Kylo LOL). But this past Saturday the time for “operation best birthday ever” had finally arrived…

Things to Know about the VOID

Make sure to reserve your time slot and purchase your tickets online ahead of time at There is a maximum number of four guests per group. So if traveling with a large party you will need to be divided up. Tickets are $29.95 per person Monday – Thursday and $32.95 per person Friday – Sunday including holidays. At this time they are not offering discounts. Something else to consider is if you are prone to motion sickness, this may not be the attraction for you. Lastly, your virtual reality adventure will last about 20 minutes.

Mission at the VOID

After check-in, each person in your party will receive a wristband and then is escorted into the mission viewing room. Not wanting to give too much away, so I will just say Poe Dameron (a fan favorite character from Star Wars Force Awakens and Last Jedi) commissions your crew to retrieve a Jedi relic from an empire occupied planet.

Personalize your Stormtrooper

After your crew has been given the mission instructions, you scan your wristband. Then on the screen in front of you to create your personal stormtrooper disguise (see picture above).  To differentiate each person, different colors can be selected by each person to personalize the suit.  I chose purple (my favorite color), my husband chose blue and our son chose green.  You may notice I do not have very many photos because, beyond this point, you are not allowed to take pictures or video.

After personalization is complete, the group is ushered to the virtual reality equipment area. Here you will be properly fitted and stow your personal belongings (lockers are available to store personal items). There are two major components to the equipment, virtual reality helmet, and a utility vest.  They both have weight to have them, but not so heavy that you feel like you could not move freely (as you can see in the picture below). Wearing the VR helmet makes you feel like Iron Man with your own personal Jarvis. The headset allows each person in your party to hear each other, so during the encounter, everyone can maintain a constant stream of communication.

Star Wars Secrets of the Empire

Once each person is fitted, you and your fellow rebels are walked over to your “chamber” to begin your experience – Star Wars Secrets of the Empire. You and your squad alongside K-2SO must work as a team to blend in with other stormtroopers. You (even equipped with your own E-11 blaster), break into sealed chambers using special codes, fight off enormous lava monsters that are spewing balls of lava at you (you feel the heat – it is unbelievable), and of course, find that Jedi relic. Like I said before, I really do not want to give too much away. Seriously, I am so happy we did this as a family first.  We had to fight together to successfully complete our mission, and this was a priceless memory we will never forget.

The Void - Virtual Reality Experience at Disney Springs 11


Overall Thoughts and Review on the VOID

It was a Star Wars lovers dream.  Honestly, we were all speechless when it was all said and done. Seriously, it is mind-boggling how this technology brings your dreams to life.  Words do not even come close to describe how truly incredible the Void – Star Wars Secrets of the Empire actually is. Really, the minute the door opened and I turned my head and saw my family turned into stormtroopers I was going crazy!  I mean I looked at my hands, and I was a stormtrooper!! I do not know how they do it, but my husband and I were the full adult size, and our son was a mini stormtrooper.  We were all freaking out with excitement and still can not stop talking about it.

All I have to is GO!  At this time, they only have this one adventure, but who knows maybe in a few years they will expand (fans can hope).  Regardless, we are already trying to figure out when we can go back. I will happily play Star Wars Secrets of the Empire again and again!  PS, if you say “The Void” when you are reviewing your photos at the end, you can get a free photo!

Have you experienced the Void at Disney Springs, did you love it? Post in the comments below!