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Disney Cruise Adult Only Fun Aboard the Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Adult Only Fun Aboard the Disney Fantasy

When most people think of Disney anything, what comes to mind is kids.  Let me say over the years, we have met so many Adult Disney cruisers with no kids.  Disney Cruise Line caters to adults by making sure they have plenty of exciting experiences, and activities all vacation long. On our recent Disney Cruise aboard the Fantasy, my husband and I enjoyed the Adult Only activities to the fullest and made some amazing memories. Here is a look at our latest Disney Cruise adult only fun.

Disney Cruise Senses Spa

This cruise on the Disney Fantasy, we decided to thoroughly enjoy Senses Spa and Salon.  Before our sailing during online check-in, I made sure to snag us a reservation for the Couple’s Ultimate Indulgence. It was worth EVERY penny at $589! We had the villa all to ourselves and were pampered like royalty for 150 minutes.  Our Services including a foot cleansing ceremony on the verandah, enjoying the jacuzzi as we watched the waves go by, deep tissue massages, purifying facials, and hot tea with fresh fruit back out on the verandah.

This was our first time booking this specific experience, and we will 100% book on future cruises! Click here to see what other Senses Spa & Salon offerings are available for your upcoming cruise.

Tiffany & Co. on Disney Fantasy

Only (permanently added) to the Disney Fantasy, Tiffany & Co. welcomes guests to a “grand opening” which is offered on each sailing the second day.  To celebrate, they give guests a “breakfast at Tiffany’s” at sea with complimentary Tiffany blue treats, champagne and mimosas.  This is also the perfect time to choose an amazing cruise souvenir.  I had to purchase the exclusive Tiffany & Co. Disney Cruise Line necklace – $325. The necklace is my absolute favorite Disney Vacation memento I have ever bought! You can also pre-purchase and have it waiting for you in your stateroom when you arrive.


Disney Cruise Adult Only Fun Aboard the Disney Fantasy 15

The whole aft (back) section of deck four is dedicated to amazing bars!  This area is named Europa as each bar and lounge represents a different European country – The Tube = England, La Piazza = Italy, O’Gills Pub = Ireland, Oh La La = France and Skyline Lounge offers various beautiful skylines from around the world.  They all offer enticing libations that are reminiscent of the countries they represent.

Game Shows

Starting at 10 pm nightly in The Tube, action-packed adult only game shows are offered. We were lucky enough to sail again with Tisa as our club host.  When you have Tisa leading the way, you know it is going to be a blast! Since the first night, my husband and I dominated! Every game we participated in throughout the whole cruise minus Pirate Night (when we were not in attendance), we WON!

Our prizes included Disney Cruise Line lunchboxes and Disney Cruise Line flashlights (stocked for this upcoming hurricane season for sure LOL).  Friends from our Facebook group helped us create a winning team, and other groups were getting jealous (all in good fun).  It was hilarious.  Our favorite game was the first one – Quest.  That is a scavenger hunt like no other!  One of the requests was a man had to wear a woman’s bra, shoes, and purse…not a dry eye in the room as we were all crying from laughing SO hard.

Pro Tip – best seats in the room are the very front on the right side.

Entertainers on Disney Cruise

After the nightly game shows in The Tube, amazing acts take the stage and are not to be missed. Our favorite performers for this vacation were Shawn Farquhar and Ricky Kalmon.

Shawn Farquhar

Our sailing was lucky enough to have the one and only Shawn Farquhar two-time world champion of magic grace the stage at The Tube.  As soon as he uttered the words, “I need a volunteer” I shot my hand in the air and walked right up on stage.  Let me say, I have never experience magic like this.  He is unbelievably talented.  I still have no idea how he made this table levitate and float while I held it?!?!  I hope on our next cruise we can see his show again.

Ricky Kalmon

Let me preface this, I have always wanted to try hypnotism.  I think for some people that in fact, it does work.  Well on this cruise we had the renowned hypnotism expert Ricky Kalmon. He made sure to explain that the way he brings people under hypnosis, it unlocks memories and that is what people recreate when he asks for specific requests.

Unfortunately for me, it did not work.  However, if you look at the photos of all the volunteers on stage, the woman next to me in the black dress was OUT! I could feel her go under as she slumped over.  Mr. Kalmon had me exit the stage when he knew it was not going to work, so off I went to watch everyone else. I kid you not, the volunteers “turned” into flight attendants giving us (the crowd) pre-take off instructions, thought the crowd was naked (their faces were priceless) when we were obviously fully clothed, and the best was when they turned into professional puppeteers with their hands as the puppets. It still cracks me up just thinking about it!

Disney Cruise Mixology

Disney Cruise Adult Only Fun Aboard the Disney Fantasy 33


Last but not least, we had our amazing cruise Facebook group mixology session in the Skyline Lounge.  Now, this has got to be the BEST bang for your Disney Cruise buck – five drinks for $20 per person!  Not to mention all the fun everyone had.  Here are all the drinks we made – Strawberry Basil, Malibu Breeze, Pama Passion, Red White & Blue, and the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot!  They were all delicious and let’s just say by the end of our session everyone was feeling pretty good! So like I said before, make sure to find your sailing’s Facebook group.  You do not want to miss out on the fun.

Overall Thoughts on Disney Cruise Adult Only Fun

This was a family Disney Cruise, but my husband and I are so glad that we carved out time just for us.  Taking a break from it all to relax and unwind so worth it. I know for us as parents we focus so much on making everything magical for the kids, but when we sail with Disney, it is such a treat to have some pixie dust sprinkled on us.  Are you thinking about setting sail on the high seas with Mickey and the gang?! Post in the comments below!