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The ULTIMATE Disney Vacation Packing Hack

The ULTIMATE Disney Vacation Packing Hack

“Mom I can NOT find that gray Mickey Mouse tank top! It is NOT in my suitcase or in any of the drawers. What shorts did you say am I supposed to wear tonight?” Or what about this, “Hey hun, what am I supposed to wear today?  Can you help me find my other sock? I can NOT find it in my duffel bag!” Those scenarios are perfect examples of how quickly a morning on a Disney vacation can start off on the wrong foot. This is why you need the Ultimate Disney vacation packing hack.

My family has said they have seen visible steam coming out of my ears and fire in my eyes because nothing ANNOYS ME MORE!  Like most, I take pride in meticulously planning outfits for each day whether it is for a Disney Cruise or a Walt Disney World Vacation. I will admit that we are not as “matchy-matchy” as before, but I still like to have a “theme” you could say.

Luckily, five years ago my vacation packing changed forever! I have no problems anymore packing for myself and the kiddos because I have my foolproof/ significant other proof/ grandparent proof/ kid (that can read) proof Disney vacation packing hack!!  

Pack Like a Pro for Disney World

Seriously, it could not be simpler! All you need is a box (or a couple depending on how many people you are packing for and or length of your trip) of your favorite brand of gallon size seal tight bags and a permanent marker!  

Each packet will contain one FULL day’s clothes. As you can see in my picture, I have a diaper along with our toddler’s undies because she is not quite potty trained at night (for this upcoming cruise I may also put a few pull-ups in a spare Ziploc just in case).

Make sure to include headbands, unique scrunchies, socks, bras, and underwear, etc.  No piece, no matter how small, gets left behind! Then make sure to label what day that outfit is for. 

In separate bags, I like to have one strictly for pajamas which I designate as PJs and then one for spares.  Extras can be more tops, bottoms, and underwear because who knows if someone will spill something or heaven forbid get sick.

For example, our daughter barfed all over her Elsa nightgown on our last cruise, but luckily my Ziploc bags saved the day. Not only did I have a spare pajama set, but I was able to discard that gross nightie in a bag and safely stow it away! Talk about a mom win! Ta-Da that is IT!  

Disney packing process


Other Uses for My Pro Vacation Packing Technique

Do not forget they are handy for wet swimsuits, dirty shoes/sandals and sweaty clothes you do not want stinking up your room for the remainder of your stay. Another excellent use on the return trip home is storing your stockpile of Disney shampoos, conditioners, body washes and lotions!  Not to brag or anything but we have not bought (adult) shampoo and conditioner in two years LOL! 

Check out that picture below. See how small it shrinks down (make sure to squeeze ALL the air out before you seal)! It truly cuts down on space needed in your luggage which gives way for more room for vacation souvenirs! Double win-win! In addition to space-saving, it makes it SO much easier to see what has been packed and what might have been forgotten.  Do not be like my husband who forgot PANTS on a business trip. I wish I were making that up. His coworkers still make fun of him for that!

The ULTIMATE Disney Vacation Packing Hack 1

So full disclosure, I pack with seal tight bags EVERY SINGLE TRIP we take, no matter where we go or how short the trip.  It has changed our lives and vacations for the better, and my sanity has been kept intact. That right there is priceless. Plus this prevents from overpacking if you just pack complete outfits for the days you are going to be there! 

Post in the comments below your favorite packing hacks and dare I ask… Disney vacation packing disasters!  

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